10 Forex Celebrities You Should Watch on Twitter (X)

If you are or plan to become a forex trader, you should do a lot of research to learn about the fast-moving currency market and how it works. There are a lot of things to know as a Forex beginner, and demo trading accounts can be used as a powerful learning platform, There is another learning platform that is just as free as the demo account, and the one we are talking about here is a social media platform that provides a ton of information about the Forex world. But for this you will have to find the social media handles of those professional people who are associated with the Forex world. We can refer to them as Forex Celebrities, and these are not just ordinary Forex influencers but experts with in-depth knowledge that they have gained from practical experience in the Forex market.

By knowing and following such knowledgeable people, you can learn from them and get a glimpse of their views on changing market conditions. There are always changes in the Forex market, and you can make better trading decisions by considering changing trends and an expert’s opinion on major economic news releases. You can find these experts sharing their views on popular social media platforms.

In this article, I will introduce you to the top 10 active Forex celebrities on Twitter, as well as some important things to remember when getting involved in Forex trading.

1. Linda Yueh – @lindayueh

The first name on our list of top 10 forex celebrities is Linda Yuh. We often hear that not many women are interested in Forex trading, and there is not enough female representation in the world’s largest trading market. In that case, Linda Yueh’s name is a friendly reminder that women can also be part of the Forex world, and they are also making valuable contributions to breaking this gender stereotype. Linda Yueh is an economist at the University of Oxford and has extensive knowledge of the currency market and its fundamentals.

She is also a writer, and the book titled ‘Great Economists’ is one of her famous works that you should consider reading to enhance your knowledge. This book talks about some of the best economists of all time and how they played an important role in shaping modern business practices. He is very active on Twitter and currently has over 74k followers. She always shares important pieces of global and economic news which has an impact on various financial markets including the Forex market.

2. Paul Krugman – @paulkrugman

The second name on our list of top 10 forex celebrities is Paul Krugman, a Nobel Prize winning economist who has a lot of experience and expertise to share with the world. Apart from being a well-known economist with 4.5 million followers on Twitter, he is also the author and editor of 27 books. “The Return of Depression Economics” and “The Great Unraveling” are his 2 best works.

He keeps sharing his analysis on various economic reforms and latest relevant events for the market enthusiasts. You will get unbiased opinion and ideas from an expert, which can help you increase your knowledge and grow as a Forex trader. You can easily find him as he has a verified account with a blue tick on Twitter (now X).

3. Joseph Lavorgna – @lavorgnanomics

Joseph Lavorgna ranks third on our list of top 10 forex celebrities. He has served as Chief Economist and Managing Director at Deutsche Bank. Currently, he is a Wall Street economist and appears regularly on CNBC. He frequently tweets about major economic data releases and their potential impact on various financial markets, including the Forex market. He has over 32 thousand followers on Twitter (x), and you may also consider following him to keep yourself updated with relevant news and data releases.

4. Angie Setzer – @GoddessofGrain

The fourth woman on our list is Angie Setzer, another female trader you can follow on Twitter (x). Her special interest is in commodity trading and she always posts about wheat and corn trading. He is also vocal about his dream of building a business to empower independent agribusinesses as well as farmers in the US and Canada. You can follow them to get updates about these topics and Forex. He has more than 46 thousand followers on Twitter (X).

5. Liz Ann Saunders – @LizAnnSonders

The next name on our list is Liz Ann Saunders, and she has around 387k followers on Twitter (x). As the chief investment strategist at Charles Schwab & Co., she frequently tweets about major economic releases and shares her views about various investment options.

6. Howard Lindzon – @howardlindzon

At sixth place on our list is Howard Lindzon, who has over 279k followers. He tweets regularly about events and news from the Forex world. To give a brief background, Lindzon is one of the co-founders of StockTwits, which was on Time Magazine’s list of the Top 50 Websites of 2010. His daily business podcast called Wallstrip was acquired by CBS in 2007.

7. Sven Henrik – @NorthmanTrader

The 7th person on our list is another business owner. Sven Henrik, the founder of NorthmanTrader.com, has approximately 457k followers and he regularly tweets about macroeconomic news releases along with information about trading tools for technical analysis and practical trading tips.

8. Holger Zschaepitz – @schuldensuehner

Holger Zskapitz is a Germany-based market analyst with over 320K followers. Their account is the perfect place to get solid analysis of the EU market. He also serves as senior editor of the financial section of Die Welt.

9. Urban Carmel – @ukarlewitz

Urban Carmel is another well-known Forex celebrity that you can follow for trading tips and valuable market insights. Being an industry veteran and author of the award-winning blog ‘The Fat Pitch’, you can rely on him to get relevant information.

10. David Powell – @davidjpowell24

Last on our list is for traders who prefer Euro pairs, as David Powell is a senior economist for the Eurozone. He is also the author of the book ‘Trader’s Guide to the Euro Area’. You can follow them to get updates related to ECB.

So, these are the top 10 Forex celebrities you can follow on Twitter (X). But blindly following experts will not bring you success in Forex trading, as you also need enough knowledge and skills to make good decisions yourself.

Things to keep in mind while trading Forex

  • Make informed decisions using trading tools: There are many free trading tools available to you can count on To make informed business decisions. These tools can help you determine position size, calculate potential profits and losses, and assess risk. You can get accurate and quick results of all trading-related calculations by automating these calculations.
  • Understand markets and currency pairs: Before becoming a trader, you should learn about the markets and the currency pairs you want to trade with. Each currency pair has its own unique characteristics and factors that influence its prices. Familiarize yourself with the factors that influence exchange rates, such as economic indicators, geopolitical events, and central bank policies.
  • Trading is inherently risky: Even the most successful and experienced trader faces the risk of loss in the volatile currency market. Without risk management you cannot expect to make any profits from trading. You need to take calculated risks based on your risk tolerance because taking too much risk as a beginner can lead to huge losses, so you should be risk conscious before entering forex trading.
  • Continuous Analysis: When you become a Forex trader, you must be prepared to engage in constant analysis. You have to keep a close eye on the market and always be ready to adapt to changing conditions. Fundamental and technical analysis can help you make informed decisions. Therefore, stay updated on economic events, geopolitical developments and central bank policies that may impact currency values.
  • Emotional Control: Emotional control is something that you need to learn before entering the Forex market as a trader. Emotions can lead to impulsive and irrational trading decisions. Greed, fear and overconfidence can affect your decisions. To maintain emotional control, consider using trading tools like limit orders and take breaks when needed to clear your mind.

last words

Finally, apart from these 5 points, it is important to start with a demo account to improve your trading skills in a risk-free way. As you become more comfortable and consistently profitable, you can transition to a live trading account with a small amount of capital. But keep in mind that Forex trading does not guarantee luck, and losses are a part of the game, especially when you trade with greed or fear. Patience, discipline and continuous learning are the keys to trading success, so always follow these while trading.