5 benefits of regular dental checkups

Most of us are accustomed to getting our body checked regularly to stay away from many diseases, so why ignore oral health? Going for a dental checkup every 6 to 7 months may seem tiresome, but it is essential for your oral health in the long run.

Avoiding dental checkups due to dental concerns or cost is a risky decision as it can have long-term consequences not only for your health but also for your bank account. About 9-15% of people avoid getting dental checkups due to anxiety-related problems, but Santa Maria is home to several dental clinics that offer the best consultations at reasonable prices.

Here are some reasons why regular dental checkups are essential to staying healthy in the long run:

Prevention of plaque, tartar and cavities

Some types of small spaces in your mouth may be at risk of damage even if you brush and floss regularly. This causes a substance called plaque to build up in your gums, which turns into a hard substance called tartar. It is difficult to remove tartar from your gums without the help of a professional.

However, you can prevent such situations by booking an appointment with the top dentist in Santa Maria for cleaning and scaling. This process prevents tartar from building up around your gums or forming holes in your teeth, causing cavities.

Cavities are difficult to diagnose but can be prevented with the help of proper teeth cleaning. Excessive damage may require a filling, which is much more expensive than a teeth cleaning, so you should opt for a teeth cleaning as a precaution.

oral cancer detection

Oral cancer is a serious disease whose symptoms can vary from person to person. It is often difficult to diagnose in the early stages and can be fatal, but it is treatable if diagnosed at the right time.

Regular dental checkups are the key to detecting oral cancer in its early stages. This causes slight changes in your mouth that you probably won’t notice, but your dentist will definitely notice.

Most of the time, it is detected through a VELscope cancer exam, which is a painless procedure. somewhere around 2 minutes, It checks for signs of dead tissue in your mouth that may be causing tumor formation by shining a special light inside your oral cavity.

Gum disease prevention

An important reason to prioritize regular dental checkups is to prevent gum disease, which is also caused by plaque buildup. Plaque can cause infection in the area where the gums attach to your teeth, causing your gums to pull away from your teeth.

This condition is known as gingivitis and it damages the tissue that connects the gums to the teeth.

Gingivitis causes your gums to become red, painful, and swollen. Symptoms appear when the condition progresses and worsens. This disease also causes severe damage to the bone that holds your teeth, resulting in your teeth becoming loose and falling out.

However, making an appointment with a dentist can help you diagnose the disease before it becomes serious and causes problems.

This also helps you save a lot of money as treating gingivitis in advanced stages can be much more expensive than regular dental checkups.

Counseling to change your lifestyle

We all have some habits that are causing serious harm to our oral health and we are not even aware of it. These may include grinding your teeth, chewing ice, brushing too hard, consuming too much caffeine, drinking too much alcohol, and smoking.

Dental checkups will help your dentist specifically detect the damage caused by these types of habits, which can help you keep your bad habits under control. He or she will instruct you on how to add certain habits to your daily routine, such as flossing, to keep your teeth clean and free of infection.

Your dentist can also clarify whether your health conditions are harming your oral health; For example, cardiovascular problems and diabetes can also have a significant impact on the health of your gums.

Your dentist may ask you to make some small changes to your daily routine as a person with diabetes, which may also be beneficial for your oral health.

x-ray examination

The use of X-rays is an important part of routine dental checkups to detect disease invisible to the naked eye. Some problems may go unnoticed, such as bone loss, tumor formation, inflammation, or impaction on the wisdom teeth, which can only be detected by X-ray.

Dental X-rays are usually done at the beginning of the appointment by placing a sensor in your mouth to take a complete picture of your mouth from several different angles.

These conditions progress rapidly and have no major symptoms initially, so they often go unnoticed. However, they can be detected and treated early with biannual checkups to keep you safe and healthy.

Head, neck and lymph node checks

Cancer starts not only in your cheeks or tongue but also in the neck and lymph nodes. Your dentist will also check for any cysts or swelling in these areas of the body to rule out anything that looks abnormal. If your dentist finds something wrong, he or she will refer you to the right professional for a checkup. Dangerous,

Swollen lymph nodes or a lump in the neck may not seem abnormal or hurt in any way, but it could be a sign of a serious disease like cancer. Only if detected at the right time, they can be treated problem-free.

Your dentist can also detect a variety of other conditions before they progress, such as thyroid disorders and cancer, which have become increasingly common these days.


Visiting the dentist for checkups every 6 to 7 months saves you a lot of money and you avoid many health conditions that become untreatable once they progress. Most importantly, these checkups help you smile with more confidence and live a more carefree life as dental problems can be uncomfortable at times.

You can make your life a lot easier by taking out an hour or two for a teeth checkup and remain free from problems and diseases throughout your life!