6 Most Common Birth Injuries Due to Medical Negligence and Its Compensation Claim Process

Despite advances in medical science, physicians often refuse to maintain standards of medical care and welfare during childbirth. As a result, you and your baby may bear the burden of various birth injuries as well as financial difficulties for their treatment! If you do, seek legal advice and prepare to file a compensation claim for medical negligence. For starters, find out about the six most common types of birth injuries that can affect you or your baby!

The 6 most common birth injuries resulting from medical negligence

1. Cerebral Palsy

Your child may have what we call cerebral palsy, a lifelong cognitive disorder associated with muscle spasms and mobility problems. Such conditions can arise from various injuries and damage to the brain. Which are reaching this stage due to mismanaged labor by physicians, inadequate techniques to provide adequate oxygen to the baby, and negligence in constant monitoring of fetal distress!

2. Brachial plexus injuries

When there is any damage to the brachial plexus or the bundle of nerves that helps in hand and arm movements, it is called a brachial plexus injury. This condition can trigger partial or complete paralysis of your child’s arms. Perhaps due to medical malpractice, such a case may come to light, where the doctor pulls out the baby’s head or hand with excessive force!

3. Bone fractures

In case of complicated deliveries, sometimes, the doctor may try to pull the baby too forcefully. Amidst the intense pressure, they may even fail to monitor the condition of the baby before actually taking it out. Such medical malpractice may result in fracture of the collarbone or cranium of the newborn, which may lead to bleeding or even internal bleeding.

4. Facial paralysis

Damage or injury to your baby’s facial nerves at the time of delivery can lead to health conditions like facial paralysis. This may result from using a vacuum extraction technique or forceps to deliver your baby. During this health severity, you may notice your child being unable to move the affected facial area or even close the eyes.

5. Leftover Swab

Leftover or leftover swab is a health condition commonly occurring in mothers due to medical malpractice during cesarean section. Swabs used in the delivery process may remain inside the mother’s body if not carefully counted and removed. Fever, nausea, ridiculous swelling, pain, and discomfort around the surgical site are some of the red alerts here!

6. Perineal tears

Another serious health condition that can affect the mother is perineal or vaginal fissure due to medical negligence during delivery. This usually happens when the baby’s head is too large and difficult to pass through the vagina. Many times, medical professionals perform delivery without first checking the size and weight of the baby and even refuse post-natal diagnosis to check and repair perineal tears, if any!

How can you claim compensation for birth injuries caused by medical negligence?

step 1, You should primarily identify the type of birth injury by consulting a health expert.

step 2, You need to collect proper evidence to submit in the compensation file.

step 3, You will need to hire a birth injury attorney to assist you.

step 4, The lawyer will assess the case and establish his liability and who is entitled to compensation.

Step 5, Ultimately, you or your lawyer will have to file a case for legal compensation for birth injuries caused by medical negligence.

wrapping up!

Injuries at birth due to medical negligence are common. While some may heal naturally, others may be lifelong or require extensive treatment to recover. So, get in touch with health experts and eliminate them fast.