A comprehensive guide to Lords of the Fallen starter classes.

One of the most impactful early game choices in Lords of the Fallen is choosing your starting class. This initial decision determines how you experience the game’s combat, leveling, and progression in significant ways. With five different class archetypes to choose from, each excelling in a unique play style, choosing the right one for your preferred approach is paramount.

This comprehensive guide provides an in-depth analysis of each class’s main features, stats, strengths, and weaknesses. By analyzing their starting load-outs, play styles, and advancement paths, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of which champion best aligns with your RPG ambitions. Whether conquering the game solo or co-op, mechanically challenging fighters or looking for versatility, there is an optimal class to begin your journey. Read about the Hero, and let your class choice mark the beginning of your rise from Venturer to Legend!


Warder stands in the front row as the Lords of the Fallen’s lead tank. Armed with heavy armor, shields, and expertise in combat, these legendary champions fortify allies with a menacing presence while enduring anything that comes their way. Naturally high vitality and stamina boost the Warder’s staying power, complimented by a balanced spread of offensive stats. Starting gear includes an iconic Zweihander Greatsword for respectable damage and extensive crowd control abilities.

The Warder’s improved defense enables first-time players to feel mechanically safe despite mistakes, and steadily master the fundamentals of combat. Their ability to divert threats makes Warders invaluable party anchors even in co-op mode. However, solo players seeking self-reliance or magic may find their damage reduction lacking. Warders also struggle to adapt to the agile boss pattern required LOTF item, Overall best for beginners looking for co-op team play or learning slowly.


As the shield-wielding defenders of Lords of the Fallen, Sentinels focus heavily on blocking, blocking, and countering enemy attacks to turn them against themselves. Medium armor and health synergize naturally with these reflection-oriented talents. Sentinels start with bucklers that provide 100% damage reflection on correct parries for explosive threat reversal. The Faith, Dexterity and Willpower stats boost life force regeneration and innate durability.

Sentinels rewards players willing to master time-based defense for aggressive play with minimal resources. Perfecting parries and ripostes provides thrilling DPS potential that few can rival. However, their glass cannon-esque health demands precision for which most are already prepared. Short range capability also hinders versatility. For those ready to hone reactive defense to an art, Sentinels offers high risk/reward gameplay. But casual or inexperienced players risk frustration.


Lords of the Fallen’s technological wizards combine spellcasting and ranged options with engineered melee attacks. They focus on willpower and dexterity for hybrid magic/martial flexibility. Two-handed axes and maces along with soul arrows provide effective tools for any situation. Engineers start with incendiary bombs and soulflare, as well as create protective wards to control the crowds. Versatile and durable, they represent an accessible balance of offense and defense.

The engineer has wide appeal because of the balanced statistics that accommodate the experiment. Their combined arsenal enables engineers to be effective alone or in groups with minimal micromanagement. However, mastering both melee and magic prevents you from becoming an expert in either. Compared to other classes optimized for solo styles, engineers lack the raw damage potential of hyper-focused specialists. Still, their streamlined gameplay provides a comfortable learning experience adaptable to any situation.


As illusionists deal death from shadow, assassins focus on dexterity, speed, and critical damage. They use thin blades to deliver rapid sustained strikes to disintegrate opponents. High agility allows assassins to run like the wind while pursuing blistering combos. Throwing poison and knives softens up enemies at range before the melee ends. However, low health requires almost complete protection from damage.

For players seeking fluid dynamics in combat, nothing can match the killer’s mastery of dance. Their key offense is excellent against single goals but struggles against multiple goals. Positioning and timing must be impeccable to avoid serious damage. Experienced players are able to maximize the ability of assassins, while new players face a steep learning curve. Deadly when used expertly, the killer rewards the courageous individual who has mastered the complex activity. But raw bravery leads to death.


Sorcerers, masters of the Fallen, wield power by focusing on willpower, faith, and intelligence. Soulbars wield infinite magical power to bombard enemies from a distance with unprotected melee abilities. Starting with Flames of Fire, Soul Spears, and the Homing Soul Mass spells provide versatile ranged options with weak melee damage. Low health requires careful distancing and barrier use.

Tantrics provide unmatched abilities to players seeking mystical mastery. Well established spirit magic allows mobs and bosses to run away with impunity. However, relying solely on solubilizers carries the risk of “saving mana”; Casting without directly confronting threats. Weak melee also hinders solo progress, requiring more leveled spells. Wizards require extensive stat investments into esoteric talents that average players overlook. Experts who enjoy complexity benefit, but casual players risk frustration.

class advancement

Both starting class and character development impact long-term output. Understanding class-specific progression paths allows your champion to be optimized according to goals. For example, Warders specialize in strength and vitality with two-handed weapons, benefiting heavily from the balanced damage and health pools. Engineers develop many of the same qualities, Sentinels favor dexterity and confidence, while Killers prefer vital statistics.

Tantrics focus primarily on intelligence and willpower, then on faith for continuity. Special item vendors also offer class-focused gearset. For example, armor sets that improve health and increase stamina suit Warders and Assassins, respectively. Unique titles also enthrall classrooms through additional statistical boons. The overall class identity remains relevant throughout development, so choose an early champion that truly embodies your envisioned playstyle to benefit greatly from long-term development synergy. LOTF items for sale With cheap prices, fast delivery and secure transactions on Aoeah.com!