A game-changing alliance: Money.it and the Financial Times reshape Italian finance journalism

In the dynamic field of economics and finance, accuracy and dependability play a vital role, which impacts the success or failure of a financial transaction. Recognizing the vital role of publications in providing accurate information, the recent syndication partnership between Italy’s prestigious Money.it and the globally acclaimed Financial Times marks a significant advancement in Italian finance journalism. This collaboration promises to bring about a significant change in the dynamics of the industry and enhance the content landscape for local readers. Know the details of this innovative alliance in the article below.

Money.it’s vision

The transformative nature of this unprecedented partnership is underlined by Money.it’s leadership. Flavia Provenzani, editor of the publication, emphasized that the syndication agreement with FT.com, a powerhouse in economics and finance journalism, not only strengthens Money.it’s leading position in Italy’s finance journalism, but also improves the overall quality of information. Also increases. for readers, thereby reshaping the country’s content offering.

Echoing these sentiments is editor-in-chief Dmitry Stagnito, who is very satisfied with the syndication agreement. In his statement, Stagnito also highlighted the invaluable contribution of the FT’s expertise in enhancing readers’ knowledge of economics and finance. He emphasizes the collaboration’s commitment to providing quality journalism, providing an international perspective along with a local focus. This is one of the main objectives of media partnerships.

Opening a Syndication Agreement

With a globally renowned editorial team of over 600 distinguished professionals, the Financial Times stands as the leading source of news in the economics and finance sector.

So what will FT.com offer through the deal?

The syndication agreement with Money.it includes the translation and publication of selected content from FT.com on the pages of the Italian online newspaper. These in-depth articles from the Financial Times will be featured in a precise section on the Money.it website in their Italian language version, specifically addressing the preferences of local readers.

In line with the shared commitment to delivering the highest information quality, access to translated FT.com content will be available exclusively through subscription to Money.it Premium. This ensures that Italian audiences not only benefit from the international offering, but also have access to top-tier economic and finance insights provided by the publications’ reputation and authority.

Impact on Italian finance journalism

Beyond mere translations, the syndication agreement establishes a carefully curated section where Italian readers can access selected pieces, offering a broad international perspective. This collaboration marks a departure from the traditionally limited, local approach, ushering in a new era in Italian economics and finance journalism that embraces globalization and limits misinformation.

Money.it and the Financial Times will certainly change the media landscape in Italy, which will have a huge impact on the industry. They have emerged as pioneers of an innovative editorial approach, deeply committed to serving their audiences with a deep understanding of the importance of economics and finance content, characterized by credibility and worldwide relevance. This partnership marks a transformational change in the Italian finance journalism landscape, promising a more enriching and informative reading experience for audiences.