A guide to the different types of themed bars

Have you ever imagined immersing yourself in a bygone era, sipping cocktails channeling the gentle spirit of the 1920s, or perhaps you’re more inclined to be transported to the magical realm of magicians? Themed bars offer an escape from the mundane to the extraordinary.

The variety of themes there is huge, each creating a unique atmosphere, combining drinks with an unforgettable experience. Let’s embark on a journey through a fascinating world of themed bars that cater to every interest. read on.

retro revolution

The charm of the Prohibition era still attracts many people, making the speakeasy bar a popular attraction. These hidden establishments flourished during the 20s, serving illegal liquor while jazz played and flappers danced.

A night at a modern speakeasy is like taking a step back in time. The dimly lit, sometimes secret spaces are often accessed through a secret door, adding a subtle but exciting opening to the experience.

fantasy-themed bar

For those with escapist tendencies, a fantasy-themed bar is truly a dream come true. These bars draw inspiration from the realms of folklore, literature and cinema, creating environments that evoke everything from medieval castles to cosmic wonders.

Think ‘Lord of the Rings’, ‘Game of Thrones’ or a galaxy far, far away. Patrons often dress up as their favorite characters, and the drinks menu is as imaginative as the surrounding environment – ​​sparkling cocktails, elixirs and potions.

Makerspace Bar

With a nod to modernity, Creator Space combines the art of mixology with the thrill of bar creation. These venues offer patrons the chance to become mixologists, offering DIY stations to mix, blend, and shake their own concoctions.

This space doubles as a workshop, equipped with the equipment needed to craft unique drinking experiences. Guests can infuse spirits with herbs, make their own syrups, and even design custom labels for their bottles.

winter wonderland theme

Winter wonderland-themed bars are a popular destination for those who want to embrace the magic of the holiday season. An example of this is an ice bar in Venice. These bars are filled with comfortable and attractive decor, which includes the following elements:

  • twinkling light
  • fake snow
  • festival music

Some may also offer special winter cocktails, warm mulled wine and hearty comfort food. These bars transport patrons to a whimsical winter wonderland with their atmosphere and attention to detail.

Horror Themed Bars

Horror themed bars offer a unique and thrilling experience for patrons looking for a different kind of night out. These bars often have spooky decor, eerie music, and themed cocktails that add to the overall atmosphere.

They may also host special events, such as screenings of classic horror films or live performances of scary stories. Other common features of horror themed bars include:

  • scary props
  • interactive haunted house-like rooms
  • theme based foods

Try these themed bars today

Themed bars offer more than just a place to drink. They offer an opportunity to live out a passion, step into a new identity, or simply enjoy the joy of craftsmanship. The passion and preparation that goes into each establishment ensures that there is a night out that is one for the books – and one that suits your tastes.

Whether you’re sitting in an 1800s velvet chair, wearing virtual reality glasses with a futuristic headset, or elbows in a traditional Japanese izakaya. So the next time you’re looking for a spirited adventure, consider a themed bar.

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