Ahead of election season, leaders must consider words carefully

Less than a week after the Election Commission issued directions against the use of children in election-related activities, a Shiv Sena MLA has been featured in a video in which he can be heard telling school children that if If they don’t vote then they should warn their parents. them in the upcoming elections, then they (children) will not eat food for two days.

Although this man is known for making attention-grabbing, controversial statements, it is shocking that he is allowed to speak to children in this manner. It is his own party that needs to pull him up, which needs to understand that these statements are not doing them any good. In fact, people are shocked and disappointed and will not vote for him as a result of his words.

Parents can also raise this with the school. It is no good to dismiss it as a joke or a light-hearted joke. This can definitely affect the child’s mind.

As Lok Sabha elections are approaching, we need to keep an eye on the statements and abuses of various leaders of all political parties. Their parties need to rein them in, realizing that controversy may not always translate into votes and, in fact, may backfire on them.

These are the days when there is a lot of excitement and frenzy on social media and every statement is exaggerated. It keeps spinning even after a long time,
Is increasing its influence.

It would first help if leaders weigh their words and keep their minds active before letting loose their tongues. If this is too much to ask from some people, then party officials need to investigate it. People need to be careful about what to believe and what not, and how much attention to pay to such statements. Use discretion and listen intently.