Best 2023 Online Notary Services in USA

By law, a notary must witness a person signing a document. Traditionally, this meant that the professional and the client had to meet in person. However, this older technology is rapidly being replaced by a new provider called remote online notarization. It is a legal process performed by a professional who is authorized to provide such services remotely over the internet. Using a video call, the notary watches the signer (or signees) sign the document. Each party signs the papers using the equivalent of an electronic signature.

Although this solution has emerged relatively recently, it has many supporters. According to their reviews, this tool is extremely useful. Most of the people prefer to receive essential services in remote format.

Benefits of Using Remote Notary Services

The two main benefits of using remote notary services are savings and convenience. Operating online is cheaper than keeping an office, which enables professionals providing such services to pass on some of these economic benefits to their clients. As far as convenience goes, who would deny getting a document notarized online instead of going to a notary’s office?

Top 10 Providers of Notary Services Online

Now that we understand what it’s like to provide notary services remotely, let’s take a look at the top 10 remote online notary platforms:

  1. Notarize is an all-in-one service for remote notary work. Real estate agents, companies and individuals are served by it. The service offers the highest level of security, including sophisticated identity verification and audit logs for every transaction. It also has flexible pricing, including pay-per-service for individuals and monthly subscriptions with volume-based discounts for companies and real estate agencies.
  2. NotaryCam ranks second among the best online notarization services due to its excellent functionality and global reach. Individuals and companies can use it, and it offers a discount when they submit 10 or more documents every month. It uses SSL encryption and AES-256 banking infrastructure-level security to ensure data security and integrity.
  3. SafeDocs offers online notary services for individuals but it is better known for supporting large corporations with such services. SafeDocs has a solution for businesses via an API that enables them to automatically forward documents to the platform for notarization. SafeDocs serves a wide range of businesses, including banks and medical organizations.
  4. OnlineNotary.Net is the best choice for those who are more interested in saving money while using the services of online notaries in the United States. While other major online notary service providers charge individuals $25, this provider offers services for only $19.95. Additionally, there is also a monthly plan for companies with a 25% discount. It is important to note that only provides services to US residents.
  5. DocVerify is a platform that enables notaries to provide services remotely. It has a useful directory called “Notary Search” that enables users to search for professionals who use DocVerify to provide their services. To start using this tool it is necessary to create an account, although it is free.
  6. eNotaryDoX by Cynics is a secure remote notary service. In this way, professionals are able to provide their services without meeting in person. Signix security features include TotalAudit, detailed recording of the signing process, and multiple authentication (for example, knowledge-based authentication) for positive identification of participants.
  7. SignNow is an electronic signature solution for companies that also offers customers the possibility to authenticate documents remotely. With the SignNow service, transactions are instant, and such authentication is considered valid. Note that it only serves companies that are already using its e-signature platform.
  8. If your organization conducts notarial activities, the eNotary solution by DocuSign enables you to certify documents with electronic signatures.
  9. PandaDoc is a leading platform that provides the ability to create, edit and sign important documents online. In addition to a wide selection of state-approved document templates, PandaNotary (an online notary service) also offers the possibility to interact with qualified professionals who can help you get your documents notarized quickly and securely in a few minutes. Are.
  10. The American Association of Notaries is a nonprofit association of notaries that helps connect professionals to the community through free search tools. This tool enables users to find service providers by city, state, county or name. It is also possible to find a notary online.

Many experts and users have chosen the PandaNotary platform. It has earned its popularity due to the fast processing of operations, the wide range of different tools and the guaranteed safety of activities on it.

Thanks to the PandaDoc Notary Cloud platform, you can meet with a notary at any convenient time, no matter where you are. This not only saves your time and money in the long run but also provides 24/7 access to your notarized documents, as this reputable platform stores them securely for you.

Although the platform is very user-friendly and easy to use, PandaNotary has a product information center that ensures constant uninterrupted access to any technical solutions. Additionally, the developer offers friendly and competent 24/7 online chat support so you can always get answers to your questions.

For new users, the service offers the opportunity to take advantage of a free trial period to experience all the benefits of PandaDoc. Documents can be accessed only by registered users. At the end of the trial period, each customer can make a final decision and purchase a full subscription to use this service in their business.