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Hearing aids available over the counter may be a viable option for people with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Online and app-based rechargeable hearing aid The combination of testing and cutting-edge earbud technology makes this emerging category of hearing devices accessible to more people at more affordable prices and with a shorter learning curve than traditional hearing aids. However, finding the right pair can seem like an impossible task due to the sheer number of styles, names, and legal restrictions available.

What is an OTC hearing aid?

Hearing aids that are sold directly from the manufacturer and through health care websites and can be installed, tuned, and adjusted by the wearer themselves are usually called “over-the-counter” aids. They work well for adults who have some but not a lot of hearing loss.

There are other less advanced hearing-enhancement solutions, such as personal sound amplification products (PSAPs) or “hearables”, which have lower tuning capabilities and are legally restricted in terms of profit.

Which type of best OTC hearing aid is ideal for you may depend on your specific circumstances.

Sony CRE-E10

The Sony CRE-E10 hearing aids are our top choice because of how effectively they perform in each category. Sony’s major entry into the over-the-counter hearing aid business maintains the company’s reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality electronics. The Sony CRE-E10 excel in terms of their sound quality, fine tuning, comfort and rechargeable battery life. Our rigorous testing of these hearing aids revealed that the Sony Hearing Control app is the easiest to use and pair with iOS and Android devices.


superb acoustic craftsmanship and melodies

Batteries that can be charged multiple times


bad factory defaults

Only iOS devices can stream.

B2 Lexi

When it comes to over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids, I highly recommend the Lexi B2 powered by Bose. The hearing tests were fairly similar to the tests I received from my personal audiologist, and they had the most prescription-like feel out of all the models we tried.

The B2 includes a rechargeable battery that lasts a good amount of time, about 18 hours. Although there’s no power storage in the provided carrying case, the gadgets recharge quickly (100 percent in about 3 hours).



Better functionality and audio quality


There is no additional cost for the case.

restricted online audio playback

HP NU320 Hearing Aid

If you are looking for a high-quality media streaming device with the ability to improve your hearing, the HP Hearing Pro could be the ideal choice. Considering its many flaws, the HP Hearing Pros’ inclusion on a “best of” list is somewhat of a surprise. However, while they’re not the best hearing aids overall we’ve tested, they’re still great for use with a smartphone for listening to music and making phone calls.

The quality of streaming from both Android and iOS smartphones is remarkable, making it the only hearing aid we’ve tested that can do this. Music played through an amplifier sounds clear, as do phone calls.


easy to install

Great Bluetooth audio streaming quality

Stylish Carry Case

Improvements that are both easy and useful


As a general rule, they are very huge

Battery drains quickly

insufficient personalization