BJP is trying to adopt a dictatorial attitude by refusing to give the post of Deputy Speaker to the opposition: Brinda Karat

Senior CPI(M) leader Brinda Karat on Tuesday, June 25, attacked the BJP, saying the saffron party was trying to “impose a dictatorial approach in Parliament” by not giving the Deputy Chairman’s post to the opposition.

He accused the saffron party of not learning lessons from the results of the Lok Sabha elections, where it lost more than 63 seats.

Karat said, “I believe the BJP and its leadership should have learnt a lesson from the Lok Sabha election, where they lost more than 63 seats, that parliamentary democracy, including its traditions and protocols, must be upheld. But in this case, it seems the leopard does not change its colours and once again they are trying to bring their bulldozer into Parliament.”

Karat, who was here to attend the party’s state committee meeting, criticised the BJP’s attempt to impose an authoritarian approach in Parliament despite not having a single party majority and asserted that such a strategy undermines consensus and parliamentary norms.

“Dictatorship of the majority will not succeed because the BJP does not have a single-party majority. Yet, they continue to defy consensus and attempt to impose their will on Parliament,” Karat said.