Boeing expert claims MH370 ‘pilot ditched’

Aviation expert raised concerns about “unusual” additions to flight plan

Ten years after the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, a new theory has emerged. British Boeing 777 pilot Simon Hardy suggests that the flight’s pre-departure documents indicate a deliberate act. They believe last-minute changes to the cargo manifest, including extra fuel and oxygen, may indicate that Captain Zahari Ahmed Shah planned to crash the plane, Independent informed of.

Mr Hardy, who worked with the Australian Transport Safety Bureau during the discovery in 2015, told The Sun: “It’s a strange coincidence that the last engineering work that was done before it went into oblivion was to replace crew oxygen. The top up was for the cockpit only, not the cabin crew.”

Aviation experts raised concerns about the “unusual” additions to the flight plan, raising questions about whether they followed proper protocol.

Mr Hardy said the flaperon found on Reunion Island indicated there was an active pilot by the end of the flight, “If the flaps were down, there is liquid fuel, then someone is operating the levers and it is someone who knows they are down.” What are they doing? It all points to the same scenario.”

Mr. Hardy suggests careful planning by the pilot. They believe the pilot’s goal was to avoid leaving a trail of fuel on the ocean surface, which would make it difficult to locate its final resting place.

Similar to other theories, Mr. Hardy proposes that the pilot deliberately pressurized the cabin to render the passengers unconscious before making a U-turn and crashing the plane. Taking advantage of “satellite clues”, Hardy believes he has pinpointed the location of the missing plane – outside the official search area – within the Gilvinak Fracture Zone, a giant underwater rock in the southern Indian Ocean. Have eaten.

Following renewed interest in the MH370 mystery, the Malaysian government announced on 3 March that they were considering resuming the search. Texas-based company Ocean Infinity has proposed a “no search, no fee” deal to locate a plane that disappeared in 2014.