Breaking Barriers: The Missile Woman of India Tessie Thomas’s Journey to the Stars

With the advancements in technology in India, its scientists have attracted interest from all over the world. And in a country known for its brilliant minds and scientific genius, Tessie Thomas stands out as a beacon of inspiration for all. Affectionately called the “Missile Woman of India”, Tessie’s journey from humble beginnings in a small town to becoming a leader in India’s missile program has been truly remarkable. This is a testament to his determination, dedication and unwavering spirit.

The journey of this extraordinary woman began in 1963 from the ordinary town of Alappuzha in Kerala. He had a normal home life where his parents taught him values ​​that would stay with him throughout his life. She learned to work hard and persevere despite life’s obstacles. Tessie remembers her mother fondly and credits her for her growth and success, “It must have been difficult for my mother – who was not allowed to work – to take care of us alone. However, he ensured that each of his five daughters and one son received quality education… I have certainly inherited his determination. I have the same tenacity and determination as my mother.

It was also his parents who were his pillars of support in his education journey. He understood the value of education and ensured that his foundation was strong enough to sail through any challenges that came his way in life. He started his schooling in his hometown St. Joseph, where he surprised everyone with his talent and thirst for knowledge. His unmatched talent in mathematics and science attracted the attention of his teachers as well as peers, which helped him secure a scholarship to Thrissur Engineering College.

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Tessie, known as missile woman of india, developed an interest in missiles and rockets since childhood. Growing up near the Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station in Trivandrum, she used to look at rockets and missiles in awe and dreamed of being a part of it. His dream eventually led him to the doors of the Defense Research and Development Organisation. He began his remarkable journey and faced many challenges. Certainly, it was not easy to follow this path as the field she chose was one dominated by men. They had to break gender stereotypes and prove their worth and capabilities time and again.

His stubbornness and perseverance attracted much attention and his extraordinary skills in navigation and missile technology did not go unnoticed. Tessy was one of the biggest contributors to the successful development of the long-range ballistic missile called Agni-III, which earned him nationwide recognition. This proved to be a turning point in his scientific career and he never looked back.

Tessie’s journey to success was not easy, full of obstacles and failures that always tried to discourage her. Like every other woman, she faced suspicion and gender bias wherever she went. However, he never let them overpower him. Instead, she took those scrutiny and challenges as motivation to move forward and prove herself to everyone. His work ethic and dedication earned him the respect of his colleagues and superiors.

  • A role model for aspiring scientists

Tessie’s journey of becoming India’s Missile Woman has become a source of inspiration and motivation for countless youth across the country. She broke boundaries and overcame many obstacles to prove that aspirations and dreams can never be limited by gender roles. His story encourages ambitious youth to strive for their dreams even in the face of adversity.

Tessie’s unique contribution to the country’s defense capability did not go unnoticed. Over the years, he has been decorated with some of the most prestigious awards and accolades. In the year 2001, he received the DRDO Agni Award for Excellence in Self-Reliance due to his outstanding achievements as a scientist. This proved to be one of his many accolades as he also received the DRDO Scientist of the Year Award in 2008. In 2012, he was awarded the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Award for his exceptional contributions to public administration, academics and management. in award Recognize their outstanding achievements and their commitment to their nation.

Although he has conquered the peak, he has not taken any break. Tessie continues to work tirelessly to strengthen our nation’s defense. His leadership and expertise in guided missile technology is instrumental in advancing the country’s defense system and ensuring the security of our country.

The life story of India’s Missile Woman Tessie Thomas is a shining example of hard work, dedication, commitment and perseverance. He taught us that the sky is just the beginning, not the limit. And her legacy will continue to inspire young scientists, especially women, for generations to come. In a world where gender equality is still far from reality, Tessie stands as a symbol of female empowerment and proves that they can reach the stars and beyond with grace and talent.