CALMUS: Will that special counsel report light a fire under Biden?

Certainly, Special Counsel Robert Hur cleared President Biden of any criminality in retaining classified documents after his vice presidency. But are Republican lawyers still seeking a federal judgeship from a future Republican president — let’s say, a re-elected and grateful Donald Trump — with scrutiny? report They released on Thursday?

Angel, Trump appointee and member of the Federalist Society, would hardly seem “Auditioning” for judicial nomination By It found that “no criminal charges are warranted” against Biden, and there is no parallel Trump’s alleged crimes Contains classified information. Except: Hur’s acquittal of Biden is almost lost on everyone because of Hur’s absurd words about the president’s age and his “diminished abilities” during Biden’s five-hour testimony before investigators.

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Hur is so smart and politically savvy that she didn’t anticipate the headlines: “Elderly man with poor memory,” raved front page Murdoch’s New York Post, citing the special counsel’s report.

The report was a gift to Trump and his fellow Republicans, pointing to Biden’s biggest weakness among voters: their skepticism about the 80-year-old’s ability to keep working. Hur admitted on the front page of the report that there was a shortage of investigators after a year of investigation. Proof Making a case against the President for knowingly retaining and sharing classified information. This should have been the end of it.

Instead, Hur justified not bringing charges because “Mr.” Biden will likely present himself to the jury, as he did during our interview, as a sympathetic, well-intentioned, elderly man with a failing memory.

By adding that politically charged comment, Hur violated the Justice Department’s “facts only” protocol, as he should have known even given the Comey precedent: In 2018, the department’s Inspector General When Hillary Clinton was running for president against Trump, he criticized then-FBI Director James B. Criticized Comey, while Comey declared that “no reasonable prosecutor” would bring charges against him.

What an irony: Trump has been promoted again by the same Justice Department that he and Republicans accuse of weaponizing the government against them.

Trump immediately kicked out fundraising email Biden is also “unfit to stand trial” if the report is admitted into evidence. (Unlike himself, fighting four indictments and 91 felony charges?) Echoing Trump as usual, House Republican leaders a joint statement Biden was called “unfit for the Oval Office.” (He was rich, after his very bad week The inefficiency of governance once again shows that these “MLAs” are unfit for Congress.)

Republicans will go crazy No Exploiting Hur’s words for political gain. We’ll be seeing and hearing them in Trump’s political ads and speeches from now until November.

But Biden may retreat in those same months. The damage has been done, Democrats. Get over it and move on with it.

Surrogates can assist the President in his personal dealings with him by attesting to his suitability. (Last fall, Politico informed of Ousted Speaker Kevin McCarthy privately told Republican colleagues that Biden was “sharp and solid” in their conversations, even as McCarthy publicly mocked the president.)

But Biden’s recovery ultimately requires show What else. Only he can show skeptical voters that he remains on top. The President can’t get any younger at any age, but he can do more to face the public and let Americans decide for themselves.

To that end, Biden was right Speak On camera in prime time Thursday, just as word of Hur’s report was spreading, and it was met with vigorous opposition. Yes, it was disturbing that he called the President of Egypt the President of Mexico, but Trump recently called the leader of Hungary the head of Turkey and Mixed up Nikki Haley and Nancy Pelosi made false statements about January 6 seven times.

Biden was wrong rejected For the second year running a somewhat traditional invitation, this year from CBS, for an interview during the Super Bowl pregame show. White House spokesman Ben LaBolt told Variety, “We hope viewers enjoy seeing what they saw — the game.” Well, a lot of viewers run to the refrigerator when the President comes on screen. But that still leaves Biden with a large and diverse audience of millions to watch his wits about him.

To be fair, Biden has been traveling around the country to meet with voters and showcase projects made possible by the laws he signed. but he has short news conference Than any president in the last century except Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

Too often Biden seems to be in a bind created by his staff, allowing critics and supporters to speculate that he is being protected from making public mistakes. But what’s worse, Biden’s mistakes or Trump’s constant lies?

Only Biden can demonstrate his mastery of foreign and domestic affairs, thanks to his decades in public service. And show He must do this.

In this way he can get re-elected. And if he does, it will mean there will be no Republican president to nominate Robert Hur to be a federal judge for the next four years.