Congress hits back at BJP on Manmohan Singh

The Congress on Wednesday hit back at the BJP over its criticism of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, saying his government’s tenure transformed India’s economy and society, but the last 10 years have been a “dark decade” for the economy.

Congress MP and General Secretary (Communications) Jairam Ramesh’s attack on the BJP came as the saffron party’s IT department head Amit Malviya criticized Singh’s tenure as Prime Minister, saying he not only made the government one of the most corrupt in the history of independent India Presided over the government, but also made Indians poorer.

Condemning the BJP leader, Ramesh said in an ex-post, “BJP’s troll master Shri Amit Malviya has today reached a new height of absurdity and malicious deception. He’s known for lying about statistics, but today he’s decided to invent a new statistic to lie about!”

Noting that Singh is retiring today after 33 years of public service, Ramesh said that instead of showing even the slightest respect to him and having the slightest decency, Malviya has chosen to condemn Singh.

“Neither (Prime Minister) Shri Narendra Modi nor Shri Malviya can ever think remotely about the contribution of Dr. Manmohan Singh in building modern India. He is a man of few words and very achieve something. He is a person who never indulges in selfish-glory, but is ready to give credit to others, including critics and opponents, where it is due,” the Congress leader said.

Ramesh said that the former Prime Minister is a symbol of simplicity, penance and integrity. “Instead of these nonsensical distortions arising from Mr. Malaviya’s overactive imagination, here are the clear and simple facts on per capita GDP based on IMF data: From 2004-2014, India’s per capita nominal GDP grew from US$635 to to US$1,560 – an increase of 145 per cent. By 2014-2024, India’s per capita nominal GDP is expected to grow from US$1,560 to US$2,850 – an increase of 82 per cent,” he said.