Curtain wall and electricity in mid-rise and high-rise

Mid-rise and high-rise commercial buildings are built with curtain walls. It includes huge glass through frames on the building’s facade. These glasses play some important roles in the functioning of a building, its occupants and related activities. These roles also include electricity. It combats power systems as part of the MEP system. (These systems can be built into these projects MEP drafting services,

Curtain walls adapt facades for various reasons and in various ways, including electricity.

curtain wall

It has an outer wall (facade) made of huge glass. It is non-structural and primarily serves to cover the building. Mirrors can be half floor height as well as double storey sized. The width goes hand in hand with the height to give the expected results.

These glasses are installed through the frame. The thickness of the frame both enhances and diminishes the beauty of the building’s appearance. Glass can also function as windows and can be either fixed or unfixed. Frames decide between two options. In this way it plays its role accordingly.

With its own characteristics, curtain wall is used for different purposes in mid-rise and high-rise commercial buildings.

Main roles of installing curtain wall

Curtain wall is mainly used in commercial projects due to various factors. These mainly include:

  • It gives an attractive look to the building. This look helps in many different purposes like attracting, communicating and others
  • This gives a good view of the inside. This way, outsiders get a good understanding of the building as well as the inside
  • Additionally, it also helps those inside to see the outside. This way, it helps in factors like stress relief and distraction from the busy routine inside
  • It helps in connecting with the activities happening outside. This interaction keeps people inside updated about the outside world
  • The view outside can especially help businesses like hotels and restaurants as it enhances the experience
  • While most mid-rise and high-rise commercial buildings include curtain walls, it helps these buildings stand out from the neighborhood.
  • Business activities are promoted by keeping people inside motivated through outside views
  • Provide lighting to the building during day time. It can illuminate the inside at quite the right angle

These are some of the main roles that make it a good choice for installation.

How does it help against lightning?

Curtain wall is of great help in protecting against lightning strikes in mid-rise and high-rise commercial buildings. This is an alternative to the Lightning System. This is special for these building structures because they form curtain walls that allow lightning to pass through. Electricity passing through curtain wall comes with these aspects and characteristics:

  • Lightning includes direct and indirect sun rays. These rays pass through the glass. The angle of the rays and the glass is important to the final result; Which is designed and implemented during the construction phase. It can be increased using mirrors and other optics devices
  • It is present during the day. From sunrise to sunset, rays can pass through unless the angles match or the mirrors are covered by something such as a curtain. During its presence, it could be used in a variety of ways
  • The movement of light can help time flow throughout the day. Residents, staff and visitors can understand the progress of the day through the direction, quantity and intensity of the sun’s rays
  • In case of any power cut or unstable flow of electricity, this electricity can be very useful. While the main power supply or auxiliary backup can be diverted to other critical uses, power can be switched for effective results
  • This light can be used to generate electricity. Invisible solar plates can be installed as glasses in curtain walls. They can help with the building’s electricity needs. With this the building can be made self-sufficient for the expected requirement. This generation can be used later
  • They can reduce power consumption in the first place. Light entering through the glass can be used during the day while electric lighting can be prevented. It can be adjusted to the correct capacity through proper propagation and reflection of light.

These are some of the reasons and ways how curtain wall helps protect against lightning strikes in mid-rise and high-rise commercial buildings.


Curtain wall is a form of facade used in mid-rise and high-rise commercial buildings. (To understand its usage, Fa├žade Detailing Services can be availed). It is simply a giant glass that allows light to enter the structure of the building. It is an alternative to power systems (which work on electricity). Curtain wall helps protect a structure from lightning in a variety of ways.