Dive deeper into outsourced IT solutions for new law firms

As the founder of a new law firm, you are probably looking for ways to modernize, digitize, and innovate in growth. One way to do this is to invest in digital transformation through information technology (IT) implementation.

Statistics show that over the past two years, most law firms have increased the use of technology in their operations. This proves that IT services are the key pillars for the growth of any law firm today. These include maintenance, implementation and support of all IT related operations.

However, your new law firm may not have the financial stability or means to hire a dedicated team to manage day-to-day technical operations. That’s why you need to outsource all your managed IT solution needs.

In this blog, we will discuss everything a new law firm founder needs to know about managed IT services.

Why should your law firm outsource IT services?

According to TRIIO, the need for digital transformation has made IT departments increasingly important for lawyers and law firms. However, the shortage of technical talent makes it difficult to find suitable employees without skills gaps.

As mentioned earlier, new law firms do not have the means to fund such a department. This is due to the high cost of maintaining in-house IT staff. Therefore, a new law firm should outsource its managed IT services.

Outsourcing is a cost-effective solution for business owners new to the legal industry. Reports show that outsourced managed IT solutions will grow at a CAGR of 6.2% by 2028, reaching US$372.6 billion. This proves that the future of this service is bright and that it is ready to grow and expand.

With the help of outsourcing IT services to a technology consulting firm, you can secure and stabilize the technical infrastructure of your startup. Additionally, these companies help maintain the confidentiality and integrity of your law firm by managing security breaches.

Generally, cyber crime can be detrimental to a law firm’s reputation as it can jeopardize client privacy. In turn, you may lose customers, leading to reduced cash flow.

Therefore, outsourcing managed IT services to law firms can give you peace of mind and top-notch security. These solutions will help you increase security, accelerate adoption, and ensure efficient migration. They will also ensure better customer experience while enhancing cost-saving options.

How Can Outsourced IT Services Help Your Law Firm?

As organizations look for scalable solutions, they are increasingly relying on technology consulting firms. These companies offer managed IT solutions to the legal industry and help:

  • Monitoring and managing the network between the client and the lawyer
  • Provide support to customers and develop disaster recovery plans
  • Managing cloud configuration and protecting client data

Therefore, your new law firm will have a secure network that will build trust between your clients and employees. Outsourcing IT services will help your internal team focus on operational needs without worrying about technical aspects. For example, your lawyers can serve clients, win cases, and gather evidence without having to focus on IT maintenance.

Outsourcing managed IT consulting can also increase collaboration in your new law firm. This means you can have secure access and easy documentation from start to end. As a result, your attorneys’ productivity, engagement, and focus will increase.

You can also increase cyber security with the help of consulting firms. They will perform remote 24/7 threat analysis and host security awareness training for your employees. Similarly, outsourced IT services will help enhance customer experience by fixing technical issues promptly.

3 Benefits of Outsourced IT Consulting for Law Firms

In today’s digital world, clients and competitors always challenge law firms to improve their IT services. Therefore, your startup can benefit from managed IT solutions in the following ways:

  1. Exceptional cloud service support to manage and secure your organization’s operational data.
  2. Access to cutting-edge technology and 24/7 proactive support to help enhance business operations.
  3. Reduction in internal technical failure, streamlined operations and compliance with cyber regulations.

These IT consulting services can also help reduce the overall cost of operating your law firm. Statistics show that 27% of businesses reduce costs by outsourcing their operations. Similarly, outsourced IT solutions helped reduce overall costs by 60%.


New law firm founders cannot manage IT operations because they do not have enough knowledge. That’s why an outsourced managed IT service comes in handy. With their help, your law firm can benefit from implementing new software systems, improved security and service monitoring.

Therefore, your startup will have a safety net for online and cloud-based operations. You can delegate repetitive tasks like accounting, administrative work, and data entry. As a result, there will be less burden on you and your attorneys.

Overall, outsourcing lets you focus on your job as a startup owner, increases efficiency and generates business revenue.