Dos and Don’ts of Designing Custom Name Patches: Tips from Industry Experts

Designing custom name patches is all about creating patches with names that look good and function well. To do it correctly you have to follow some rules and avoid some mistakes.

“Do’s” are important things to do. These include choosing the right font and colors that stand out on the patch.

“Don’ts” are things you shouldn’t do. Don’t make the design too fancy or hard to read. Don’t forget that the name should be easy to see.

By doing the right things and avoiding the wrong things, you can create custom name patches that look good and do their job well.

worth doing

When creating custom name patches, it’s essential to follow a set of ‘do’s’ to ensure that your designs are both visually appealing and practical. Let’s explore the key guidelines to make your custom name patch stand out while effectively serving its intended purpose:

Choose the right font and size

When you are creating custom patches, such as iron on patches, it is important to choose the correct writing style (font) and size. The font you choose determines how your patch will look and how easy it is to understand.

Also, think about how big or small the font should be compared to the size of the patch. The font size should fit well into the patch and be clear from a distance. It matters whether you’re creating a custom patch for fun or for a team.

Pay attention to color and contrast

When making custom name patches, think about colors and how good they look. Colors are important because they affect how easy it is to see the name. Choose colors that contrast with the background so the name is clear and easy to read.

Good contrast or difference between colors, and understanding color theory is important. Whether you’re making name patches for yourself or a team, the right color and contrast will help the name patch do its job by making the names visible and easy to identify.

what not to do

When creating custom name patches, it is equally important to be aware of the ‘don’ts’ to avoid common design mistakes. Let’s explore what to avoid to ensure your patches are simple, legible, and fit for purpose:

Don’t ignore readability and legibility

When it comes to designing custom name patches, a major “no” is to never overlook readability and legibility. It’s a mistake to use fonts that are too fancy or hard to read. Your main goal is to make sure the name is easily understood.

Don’t overcomplicate the design

When creating custom name patches, it is important not to make the design too complicated. Overly complex designs can be a problem. Avoid adding too many details or making the patch too crowded. Simple and clear designs work best.

Also remember that the primary purpose of a name patch is to show a name. So, don’t clutter the design with too many extra things like logos or lots of text.

custom name patch done properly

Creating custom name patches with the right words and colors is both an art and a science. These little patches say a lot about you or your team.

It is important to make them look great and work well. When you choose simple, easy-to-read words and colors, your custom name patch will get noticed. Also, don’t make the design too fancy or complicated and always make sure the name is easy to read.

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