E-Challan QR Code and QR Code Verification

GST network became very effective e-challan Verification application, understanding the importance of accurate and efficient e-invoices; It allows consumers to use visible QR codes to authenticate e-invoices. With this software, GSTN hopes to streamline processes and guarantee user comfort. There should be QR code on every e-invoice to provide easy access to eligible GST invoice. Continue reading to learn more about how to verify e-invoice using QR code verification app.

What is QR code on e-challan?

A quick response (QR) code, or two-dimensional barcode, is a machine-readable matrix barcode that can be read using a scanner. This includes details of the item in question, such as an electronic invoice with a QR code. Challan Registration Portal (IRP) digitally signs and sends QR code along with the e-challan.

What is the content of QR code on e-challan?

QR Code includes the following important invoice parameters:

  • GSTIN of the supplier;
  • GSTIN of the recipient or buyer
  • invoice number
  • Date of invoice
  • Total Invoice Value (Gross Tax and Taxable Amount)
  • Number of line items.
  • HSM Code – Main Item Code (line item with highest taxable value)
  • challan reference number
  • Digital Signature of IRP

Why is QR code added to e-invoice?

The e-challan system mandates that the concerned taxpayer uploads specific types of tax challans, such as taxable challans and credit and debit notes, to the e-challan portal or IRP for verification and authentication. Once the challan information is uploaded, the IRP checks them, digitally signs the challan, and returns it as an e-challan with the signed QR code and challan reference number (IRN). Additionally, while sending the e-invoice to the buyer, the taxpayer must ensure that the QR code is included.

If valid QR is not printed on the e-challan, all relevant documents, e.g. e-way bill, will be considered invalid, which will attract penalty and the buyer will also not be able to submit a valid input tax credit claim. An e-invoice with a valid QR code helps buyers determine the authenticity of the e-invoice.

How to verify QR code?

E-Challan Verification system enables the tax officer and taxpayer to verify the challan data by scanning the QR code. Tax authorities can also use this number to confirm the accuracy of the invoice and ensure that the IRP has adequately received and acknowledged it.

qr code verification app

E-Challan Verification App is an application through which users can easily verify the authenticity of e-Challan using QR code scanner. QR code verification is possible for those using e-challan. You can easily scan e-invoice QR code using e-invoice QR code scanner or e-invoice barcode scanner. E-invoice QR code verification software aims to make the verification process faster and simpler and lets users verify the details embedded in the e-invoice by scanning the QR code while ensuring accuracy. The challan verification app is user-friendly and easy to navigate allowing users to easily learn its features.

How to download QR code verification app?

  • Go to https://einvoice1.gst.gov.in/Others/QRCodeVerifyApp
  • Choose Android or iOS.
  • Enter your mobile number and submit.
  • Enter the received OTP.
  • Upon verification, the e-challan system will provide a QR code.
  • Verify registered phone number.
  • Download and install the app.
  • Click on “Verify QR Code” option
  • Scan the QR code on the e-challan.
  • Details will be displayed on the screen.

How to know if a code is valid or not?

Once the QR code verification app is installed, open the app and point it at the QR code. The application will read the code and if it is valid, the details will appear on the view.

Putting it all together, GSTN’s e-invoice verifier app is a smart and user-friendly application that makes the e-invoice process much smoother. Users should not log in beforehand to verify e-challans or ensure their authenticity. It is a reliable, efficient way to authenticate e-invoice through QR code. Using the features of this app, users can instantly confirm that e-invoices are correct.