‘Editor’s note’ on Kate Middleton’s cancer-revealing video sparks new theories

Getty Images has added an “Editor’s Note” on the cancer revelation video of Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, stating that the footage “may not follow editorial policy”, amid speculation online about the authenticity of the footage. New conspiracy theories are emerging. A “deepfake”.

The editor’s note reads, “This handout clip was provided by a third-party organization and may not follow Getty Images’ editorial policy.”

In a video message released by Kensington Palace on March 23, Kate Middleton said she was undergoing chemotherapy for cancer and was “doing well and getting stronger every day”.

The video, which showed Kate sitting on a bench in the gardens of Windsor Palace, with cherry blossoms and daffodils in the background, temporarily ended rumors and bizarre conspiracy theories about her whereabouts as she undergoes abdominal surgery. She was missing from the headlines since then. surgery in january

However, new conspiracy theories emerged online late last month that the footage could be an “artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled deepfake”, with some also questioning why the leaves or grass in the background were not moving.

Meanwhile, the addition of ‘Editor’s Note’ has again caused a stir on social media, with some users saying it comes as no surprise.

One user said on X, “Not surprised, is this when they edited the ring?”

A social media user is commenting on the new developments surrounding Kate Middleton’s video.

While one person asked, “Is anyone else tired of Kate Middleton’s conspiracies?”, another said, “As soon as that girl opened her mouth I knew. Kate has never been so balanced, and she She is strange and mumbles every time she speaks.”

“I don’t understand what happened to Kate, I don’t understand why they made it a big secret? Surely it’s something where they feel guilty or they’re embarrassed?” A social media user posted on X.

Another tweet said, “The statement indicates that they received the video from KP (Kensington Palace), not the BBC, and therefore they do not endorse or deny its authenticity. This is an unusual There is a disclaimer.”

Also in March, major news agencies including the Associated Press, Reuters and AFP retracted a photo of the Princess of Wales with her three children amid claims that it had been digitally manipulated.

The image was released on 10 March, Mother’s Day in the UK. However, discrepancies in the photo led social media users to question its authenticity.

A day later, Kate issued an apology for the “confusion” over the photo and said in a tweet, “Like many amateur photographers, I sometimes experiment with editing. That’s because of the family photo we shared yesterday. I wanted to apologize for any confusion that may have occurred.” , I hope everyone celebrating has a very happy Mother’s Day.”

Amid his long absence, rumors of an affair between Prince William and Marchioness Sarah Rose Hanbury of Cholmondeley have also emerged.

But Rose Hanbury finally broke her silence on the alleged speculations and dismissed them as “completely false.”

published by:

Karishma Saurabh Kalita

Published on:

3 April 2024