Ernie Lamont Obituary Who was Ernie Lamont? What is the cause of death of Ernie Lamont?

Windsor, Ontario mourns the passing of one of its beloved citizens and servants – Ernie Lamont – and wishes to remember his contributions and honor his memory through this article. Ernie served his community very well.

Ernie Lamont’s death has devastated Windsor, Ontario. His life was an inspiring example of service, love and devotion – we can see from his history how committed he was to giving back to his community through volunteerism; In addition he had deep feelings for his family and a passion for its history and natural beauty.

Who was Ernie Lamont?

Windsor resident and enthusiastic participant in the life of the city, Ernie Lamont, was more than just a resident. Ernie Lamont was born on March 12, 1940, and lived a full and energetic life that was similar to that of his home city of Chicago. Ernie and Mary shared an amazing 58-year marriage that inspired those around them, not to mention Ernie’s dedication to dedicating himself to serving both his community and loved ones alike. Known for taking the time and effort to.

What happened to Ernie Lamont?

Ernie’s sudden departure was a surprise to everyone. The details surrounding his death are private but his absence from the community speaks volumes about who he was. Ernie was known for his constant presence and involvement. Those who knew him have expressed grief over his death.

What was the cause of death?

The Lamont family and the Windsor community have kept Ernie’s cause of death private. Instead they are focusing on his life and mourning in solidarity and community.

Ernie Lamont’s legacy

Ernie’s legacy reflects his diverse interests and unwavering dedication. He was known for his love of both history and nature, acting as protector of Windsor’s natural beauty. Through his membership in local organizations such as the Windsor Rotary Club, Windsor Historical Society, and Rotary, as well as his involvement with Rotary, the Windsor Historical Society, and others, his contributions helped shape Windsor into what it is today.

community pillar

Ernie’s contributions to Windsor went beyond his personal interests. Ernie’s actions, whether organizing community events, donating time, or just being friendly to his neighbors, epitomized the spirit of community. Ernie was a man who stood by his convictions and worked tirelessly to improve his environment for everyone.

Ernie Lamont set an exemplary example in living his life for others and serving the Windsor community, and left behind an unforgettable legacy that will endure for generations to come. Windsor bid farewell to one of its most beloved citizens, Ernie Lamont.

questions to ask

  1. Who was Ernie Lamont?
    • Ernie Lamont, a Windsor community member and historian who was also an outdoor enthusiast and devoted family man, died on April 15, 2018.
  2. What was the cause of death of Ernie Lamont?
    • Ernie Lamont’s death was not publicly disclosed.
  3. What is Ernie Lamont’s legacy?
    • Ernie Lamont leaves a legacy that includes community service, preserving history, and promoting the natural beauty of the local area.
  4. Ernie Lamont was involved in community organizations.
    • Ernie was a member of both the Windsor Rotary Club and the Windsor Historical Society.
  5. Will Ernie Lamont be honored for public service?
    • At this time, no information has been released regarding Ernie Lamont’s public service.