Escape to nature: 8 delightful hiking destinations in Lebanon

If you love nature and want to know it deeper, there is no better way than following a hiking route. Any particular area of ​​immense natural beauty and ancient past will have many hiking trails that will take you to different areas where you can see nature, monuments, ruins and remains up close and take breathtakingly beautiful photographs.

Discover the beauty of Lebanon through unusual hiking trails

Lebanon has many hiking trails that take you into its wild areas, where you can see dense trees, exotic plants, endangered wildlife, beautiful plants, monasteries, stone carvings, waterfalls and much more. Arriving in Beirut, explore Lebanon’s mesmerizing walking routes across the country middle east airlines booking From the capital of your country. Here is a look at the eight best hiking destinations in Lebanon:

  1. The Al Shouf Cedar Reserve has a rich ecosystem and is the largest reserve in the country, so traveling through its habitat is a great adventure. This vast area is home to 500 plant species, 200 species of birds, 32 mammals and trees around 2000 years old. Make a reservation to discover it through hiking, mountain biking or snowshoeing.
  2. Akoura is a beautiful, picturesque village surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful mountains, which can be reached via hiking trails. On your visit, the major places to visit are Paul’s Church and the Suite Peters stone statue. You will also get to see the majestic Akoura Falls, which is divine in its beauty and sound.
  3. Balau Bala: The beautiful waterfall here is a breathtaking sight, perfect for nature photography as it is surrounded by greenery. It is also called Batara Gorge Waterfall, and its icy meltwater falls from a height of 255 meters into a cave and over the centuries, has formed three arches at the end of the steep valley.
  4. The Bentayl Nature Reserve is one of the smallest reserves in the country and is filled with abundant trees. This is a place where you will find beautiful plants and trees like nowhere else. It is located close to the Bentael River, and as you explore the place, you will also see the Hermitage and Chapel of St. John, which was carved out of a rock in the 12th century.
  5. Tanourin Cedar Forest Nature Reserve: This large reserve is dense with lovely cedar trees and covered with 70000 old trees, most of which are cedar. Other trees that can be found here are maple, oak and juniper. People visiting here explore its beauty through rocky walkways and during their visit they can also see many wild animals and exotic birds.
  6. The Kadisha Valley, also known as the Sacred Valley, is formed by the Kadisha River and is famous for its ancient Christian monasteries. The hiking trip takes you on well-maintained paths through which you can witness the mesmerizing beauty of this place and also visit the many ashrams that are hidden from view.
  7. The Horsch Ehden Nature Reserve is full of exotic plants and trees, many of which are rare, making a hike here a wonderful adventure. Its wild apple trees are protected, and it is also home to many endangered wild animals and birds, such as red foxes, gray wolves, golden jackals, etc. As you explore it, you will discover the beauty of its valleys, gorges and. Diverse flora and fauna.
  8. Yahchouch: Exploring this place takes you past beautiful waterfalls which are a pleasure to photograph. There are many long tunnels here. You’ll walk across many river beds where you can see amazing plants and wildlife. As you explore, you will find many different areas that reflect the rare and unique beauty of this place.

Arrive in Lebanon direct via Middle East airline booking, and upon landing, choose a selection of hiking trails that offer a unique experience. As you walk through the many hiking trails during your vacation in Lebanon, you will discover that its natural beauty is truly exotic and very unique to this part of the world. They also take you to places where you can see ancient Christian monasteries, rock-cut Roman temples, quiet villages and vast forests of cedar and other types of wood.