Former Hawaii Democrat Tulsi Gabbard declined RFK Jr.’s offer to be her running mate

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Tulsi Gabbard said she remains a good friend of RFK Jr. despite turning down his offer to become veep. (Image: Reuters file)

Former Hawaii Dame Tulsi Gabbard said she respectfully declined Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s offer to be his running mate.

Former Hawaii Democrat Tulsi Gabbard said she supported Robert F. Rejected Kennedy Jr.’s offer to become his running mate in his independent presidential bid.

“I met Kennedy several times and we became good friends. He asked if I would be his partner. After careful consideration, I respectfully decline,” Gabbard was quoted as saying. ABC News,

He declined to say why he rejected that offer. Kennedy has cited former Minnesota Governor Jesse Venture and television host Mike Rowe as his favorites.

He chose Silicon Valley lawyer Nicole Shanahan as his running mate during a campaign event in Oakland, California, last week, saying her young age, health and work in artificial intelligence attracted him.

Gabbard previously ran an unsuccessful campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2019 and left the party in 2022. Gabbard said “war mongers” in the party were the reason for her exit. He said that these people are “inspired by a cowardly mentality, who divide us by racial discrimination on every issue.”

She also supported the Florida government’s ban on LGBTQ+ topics in some public school classrooms, showing that she did not agree with the Democratic Party’s views on the issue.

Gabbard made history as she became the first black woman to hold a delegate position at the Democratic National Convention since 1972.

He also previously served as a U.S. Army Reserve and was deployed twice to Iraq and Kuwait, and in 2020, following a two-week absence from the presidential campaign, he reported for active duty in Indonesia with the Hawaiian Army National Guard Was.

The Democrat, who owns American Samoa Industries, sparked a major controversy in 2017 when he held a meeting with Syria’s autocratic president, Bashar al-Assad, and other religious leaders when he visited the West Asian nation. Because it witnessed a civil war that continues to this day. ,

He has not directly endorsed Donald Trump but has indicated he is open to running for vice president.

During an interview on Fox News on Friday, he indicated he was open to the role. When Gabbard was asked if she would consider running for vice president, she told host Jesse Waters, “I’m open to it.”