Former JPMorgan analyst awarded $35 million compensation after Manhattan glass door shattered

A former JPMorgan analyst won $35 million in compensation after a Manhattan building’s glass door shattered on him, causing permanent brain damage. The accident ended his career in investment banking.

The incident occurred in 2015 when a glass door of a building suddenly fell on 36-year-old Meghan Brown as she was leaving a physical therapy appointment in Manhattan, New York.

During a three-week hearing in Manhattan Supreme Court, judges were shown shocking surveillance footage of the incident, where a 7.5-foot-tall lobby door exploded as Brown was walking through it.

“I remember seeing glass in the lobby, around me, everywhere,” the New York Post quoted Meghan Brown as saying.

The traumatic brain injury Brown suffered ended his career in investment banking.

“One of the biggest problems I have with my brain is that I can’t trust it,” she said during emotional testimony on March 12, according to a trial transcript reviewed by The Post.

After deliberating at a nearly three-week trial, the six-person jury ruled in Brown’s favor, finding the building’s owner, 271 Madison Company, guilty.

The judges held the owner’s negligence responsible for his injuries.

Brown told the judges how the accident changed his life. She could no longer work regularly and this caused problems in her relationships.

A video from February 2, 2015, shows Brown walking up to the door and pushing it open.

Just then a person talking on a mobile phone places his hand on the door. Suddenly, the glass of the lobby door breaks into pieces.

“I don’t remember the moment the door fell on me but I do remember being in and being on the floor,” Brown said.

Brown has faced many problems since the accident.

Doctors said he had posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and that he also had several other problems, such as being extra sensitive to light, frequent headaches, and trouble with balance.

Even though Brown tried to go back to work, including a brief stint at a cryptocurrency company, she was unable to continue working in investment banking.

Now, she runs a small gelato shop in Naples, Florida.

Brown’s attorney Tom Moore blamed the building owner’s negligence, saying, “Clearly, Meghan had no warning that she was walking into a tragic trap,” the New York Post reports.

In response, the building owners’ attorney Thomas Sofield argued that the incident was a freak accident and could not have been prevented. He questioned the seriousness of Brown’s injuries and accused him of fabricating symptoms to get money.

Ultimately, the jury awarded Brown $35,184,208 in damages.

published by:

Girish Kumar Anshul

Published on:

3 April 2024