Geometry Dash – an extraordinary game like no other!

It’s simply impossible that you haven’t heard of Geometry Dash before. It is a rhythm based game, anyone who has played it has become completely addicted to it! Geometry Dash mesmerizes its players with its captivating music, smooth gameplay, challenging levels, and overall an interesting concept!

How did the game come into existence?

geometry dash Came into existence in 2013. What was initially available only for iOS users is now available for all types of platforms. So if you’re not an iPhone user or vice versa only use iPhones, this shouldn’t really be a problem. As time passed and the game itself expanded over the years, new content and updates were added. It works with artists and creators from around the world who work together to create and bring out the best. It includes interesting gameplay, exciting levels, and more. It’s because of the artists’ inclusion and sense of community that the game has endured for so long.

Exciting background track!

The music used in this ever-running game is one of its main features that attracts the players. Many techno and dubstep tunes from famous musicians are part of this exciting game. The gameplay is made more impressive by the music, which perfectly synchronizes the beats and rhythm of the chosen track with the obstacles and challenges of each level.

constantly challenge yourself

Don’t be fooled by how simple this game may seem! Players can control their icon to jump over spikes, go through portals that change the size of the icon, or even interact with objects that change the gravitational field. Each level gets more and more difficult, with obstacles becoming more and more complex requiring precise timing. To succeed, players must be able to remember patterns, anticipate problems, and react quickly.


There is a competitive aspect to the game, with different levels and times associated with it. Of course there is a point system integrated into the game that captures your scores and records them on the scoreboard. You can also compete with other players online. Nothing can be better than this!


There’s a reason for Geometry Dash’s popularity. It may be just a game but from its creation to the players who play it, it creates a sense of community unlike any other game. The community is devoid of any negativity, as it is a safe place where people come to enjoy fun, engaging, harmless gaming and relieve their stress.

It’s been here for a decade and considering its never-ending supply of content and people’s growing interest, it’s definitely here to stay for at least another decade! Plus, the game is simple to play, but takes you a little further with each level so you can stay on your toes. It gives rewards that help you progress in the game and allows you to make friends for life!