Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry resigns after Jamaica talks

Ariel Henry has held this role since 2021


Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry has tendered his resignation as head of the Caribbean nation, the leader of a regional body said on Monday, keeping the 74-year-old neurosurgeon in an unelected role from 2021.

“We accept his resignation upon the establishment of a Transitional Presidential Council and the naming of an interim Prime Minister,” said Caribbean Community President Irfan Ali, who is also Guyana’s president, thanking Henry for his service to Haiti. .

Henry traveled to Kenya late last month to secure leadership of a U.N.-backed international security mission to help police fight armed gangs, but during his absence there was violence in the capital, Port-au-Prince. Due to huge increase they got stuck in America. Region of Puerto Rico.

Henry’s resignation comes as regional leaders met on Monday to discuss the contours of the political transition in nearby Jamaica, which the US urged last week to be “rapidly” while the gang called for Henry to step down. Was asked to leave.

Regional authorities are engaged in talks involving members of Haiti’s political parties, the private sector, civil society and religious groups, with the aim of establishing a transition council that will pave the way for the first elections since 2016.

Henry, whom many Haitians consider corrupt, had repeatedly postponed elections, saying security must be restored first.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken earlier on Monday called for the creation of a “broad-based, inclusive, independent Presidential College”.

The council will be tasked with addressing the “urgent needs” of the Haitian people, enabling the deployment of security missions and creating the security conditions necessary for free elections, Blinken said.

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