How the cloud has revolutionized home security systems

Residential burglaries in England and Wales now occur approximately 200,000 times annually. However, cloud technology is actively helping in providing users with the best smart technology to keep their homes safe from threats.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics show that 191,490 residential burglaries occurred In the year ending March 2023, it stressed the importance of ensuring that homes are as secure as possible to prevent the threat of intrusion.

Although there are many measures you can take to keep your home safe, cloud-based smart technology can be one of the most effective deterrents to thieves, allowing you to easily monitor your premises and take action if something unusual is detected. Can sound alarm. ,

How can cloud home security systems help protect your home from theft? Let’s take a deeper look at the constantly evolving new standard in home security:

Innovative security through interconnectivity

Cloud-based, or smart, security systems are highly effective in keeping your home safe because they enable you to control and monitor security systems through the use of a smartphone or any other internet-connected device.

This means you can check your home security at any time, or receive alerts no matter where you are.

Instead of traditional alarm systems that may be triggered by forced entry or the inability to enter the correct code within a certain time frame, cloud-based home protection systems can be triggered by detecting movement, recording suspicious activity, or tracking a number of other metrics. Can help prevent problems.

Cloud computing market expected to grow by $580 billion Up to $1.24 trillion by 2028And this significant growth will be fueled, in part, by home security innovations and smart home technology.

Anatomy of an industry-leading cloud security system

The best thing about cloud security is that the market continues to expand due to the efforts of various competing firms. This is helping to make pricing more affordable while expanding the quality of technology available to users.

A prime example of a modern cloud-based home security system can be found in the Vivint Smart Home, which provides 24/7 monitoring and Full control over door locks, cameras, lights, and even the thermostat. It’s also possible to check your cars while they’re on the road.

Although setting up a comprehensive cloud system isn’t cheap, it offers fast emergency response times and a touch-screen video panel, smartphone app, and Alexa or Google Assistant voice commands, helping you keep an eye on your security, whether Wherever you are.

taking control of your doors

At the core of Vivint’s service is a quality video doorbell, one of the most popular examples of cloud-based home security today.

The video doorbell can use the cloud to alert you whenever its button is pressed or there is movement outside. With high-quality video recording capabilities, it can be perfect for identifying suspicious behavior or criminal activity at the first sight.

Working with the video doorbell, it is possible to use an app-controlled smart lock that can also use a fingerprint reader to gain an extra level of security against forced entry to a property.

“Typical locking systems do not offer any protection against the most common form of break-in method – lock snapping,” Nick Dutton of Brisant Secure explains,

“This is the most common method of entry as it is incredibly quiet and the door can be opened in less than ten seconds.”

Smart locks are a great example of cloud-based security because they can keep a log of every time your door is opened and how access was gained. Smart locks can open via fingerprint scanner, integrated app, RFID card, PIN, or a more traditional key.

Many smart locks are designed to alert owners if it determines that a break-in attempt is taking place and set ‘Attack’ to help secure the lock to prevent brute force entry into the system. Rods’ facility may be available.

The best thing about smart lock security is that it can be used in conjunction with more traditional security measures like a strong steel or brass deadbolt to provide comprehensive protection against intruders. These deadbolts can be installed by local Lock And will add an additional layer of security that doesn’t just reside in the cloud.

Smart cameras are an excellent deterrent

Smart cameras are one of the the most powerful deterrent When it comes to preventing thefts. In addition to HD resolution and the ability to have a wide field of view, two-way talk, night vision, an integrated siren, and a spotlight, these cameras can also show potential thieves that they are having a difficult time avoiding detection. If they target your home.

These cameras can also integrate with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit, meaning you can easily be alerted as soon as danger emerges.

Although millions of homes in England and Wales become targets of burglary each year, the technology available to keep us and our belongings safe is evolving rapidly.

Thanks to cloud technology, we have the power to ensure that our homes are safe from harm at all times, with automated alert systems helping to notify us of any threats with enough time to take positive action.

By adopting cloud-based home security systems, it is possible to rest easy knowing that your property is as safe as possible, and any potential burglar will immediately know that your home will not be left sitting quietly.