How to Bid for Zilla Parishad Tenders on the WBTenders Portal (A Comprehensive Guide)

wbtenders is a leading e-procurement platform in West Bengal, India, which facilitates online tender process for various government departments and organizations. One of the important contributors to this platform is the District Council, which often issues tenders for various developmental and infrastructural projects. In this blog, we will delve deeper into the history of WBTenders, provide quantitative statistics of published tenders, and guide businesses on how to bid. Zilla Parishad tender But wbtenders,

The article also tells you about tools like BidAssist and how it helps bidders get timely relevant information to maximize their success.

History of WBTenders

wbtendersThe official e-Procurement portal of the Government of West Bengal has been instrumental in bringing transparency, efficiency and speed in the tender process. Although the exact historical timeline is not readily available, the platform has been serving the state for many years, ensuring that the tender process is seamless, transparent and accessible to all eligible businesses.

District Council Tenders on WBTenders in 2023

In 2023, District Council Nadia, a significant contributor to WBTenders, issued several tenders. Here are some of the major tenders and projects:

  1. Construction of cross drain at Krishnaganj Krishimandi for SWM at Satyanagar with value of ₹ 250000.
  2. Construction of community toilet complex near Ajoy Smriti Club in Krishnaganj, value ₹ 350000
  3. Construction of CC road from landlord Mridul Das to landlord Nikhil Das in Chandannagar under Krishnaganj Gram Panchayat, value ₹ 250000
  4. Supply of e-cart (e-rickshaw) for SLWM program under Raghunathpur Gram Panchayat, value ₹ 280000
  5. Construction of 10 leach pit silt chambers with cover slab in Nutan village Bara Andulia of various schools under Hatisala II GP, value ₹ 320280)

… and many more.

How to Bid for Zilla Parishad Tenders on WBTenders: Step-by-Step

  1. Registration: Register your business wbtenders Door.
  2. Log in: Once registered, log in using your credentials.
  3. Search Tenders: Use the search functionality to find Zilla Parishad tender Relevant to your business.
  4. Download Tender Documents: Download the required documents for the selected tender and read them thoroughly.
  5. Prepare Documents: Collect all the required documents, certificates and evidence mentioned in the tender document.
  6. Bid Submission: Submit your bid online before the closing date, ensuring that all details are accurate.
  7. EMD Payment: Pay the Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) as specified in the tender document.
  8. Tender Opening: On the specified date, tenders will be opened, and the bids will be evaluated.
  9. Award: If your bid is successful, you will be awarded the contract.

How BidAssist can help

bid assistance is a platform that simplifies the tender process. It can help businesses:

  1. Finding relevant District Council tenders on WBTenders.
  2. Providing timely information about new tenders.
  3. Assist in the documentation and bid submission process.
  4. Offering insight and analysis to improve your chances of winning a bid.


WBTenders is an important platform for businesses wishing to participate in government tenders in West Bengal. With the District Council being an important contributor, understanding the nuances of bidding for its tenders can open up many opportunities. Platforms like BidAssist further simplify the process, ensuring that businesses have a higher chance of success.