How to Create an ATS-Friendly Resume in 2024

Nowadays, many organizations use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to find suitable job applicants for specific positions. ATS systems automatically compare your resume to the job description. The comparison is based on work experience, skills and education qualifications. Creating an ATS-friendly resume is important to increase your chances of standing out among other applicants. This means that it will be easier for the ATS system to scan and understand your resume.

To improve your resume, include keywords that are relevant to the job requirements. Additionally, you can use several ATS-friendly resume templates to create your CV. Learn about an ATS-compliant resume and get tips for creating one below!

What is an ATS-friendly resume?

An ATS-friendly resume is a type of resume that can be easily read and understood by any applicant tracking system (ATS). Resumes are designed to be easily understood by any ATS system. To optimize your resume for an ATS, include relevant keywords that the system can immediately recognize. Additionally, the resume format should be adjusted to meet the requirements of the applicant tracking system.

Why do you need ATS-friendly?

Most resumes do not reach recruiters because they are not formatted correctly and do not contain complete information about the job. ATS rejects these resumes during the application scanning process. To pass the initial screening process, your resume must be ATS-friendly.

To make sure your resume is ATS-friendly, focus on formatting it correctly and including all the necessary skills and experience for the job you’re applying for. When your resume is ATS-friendly, you have a better chance of being considered and selected as a top applicant.

This article will teach you how to create an ATS-friendly resume in a few easy steps.

What is your match rate and how can you increase it?

Match rate is the percentage of your resume that matches the job description. A low match rate means that your resume must meet the job requirements. If the match rate is high, the experience and education qualifications in your resume match the job description.

Recruiters use the match rate to sort applications and find the most relevant applications. If your match rate is low then you can improve your match rate by following these practices. Make sure you include all the relevant data required for a specific job description.

1. To begin, carefully review the job description you are interested in and identify the required skills, qualifications, and expertise.

2. Please take some time to carefully examine your resume and see how well it matches the job description. If you are lacking in certain areas, gain the necessary skills, experience and qualifications.

3. Finally, include relevant keywords in your resume, but be careful not to overuse them as this can affect readability.

4. You can also use an ATS-friendly template for your resume.

How to Create an ATS-Friendly Resume in 6 Steps

To create an ATS-compliant resume that can be easily read by applicant tracking systems, follow these steps:

Find the job title and put it in your resume title

Make sure the title of your resume is concise and directly related to the job you are applying for. If you are a finance manager, your title might be “Finance Manager with more than 10 years of experience in the banking sector.” Always include the job title clearly in your resume title. Follow these tips to ensure that your resume catches and catches the eye of the ATS.

Find relevant skills and add them to your resume

The recruiter will look for the job title, skills, and experience required for the specific role. It is essential to include all relevant job experience in your resume to match the job description. When applying for a marketing manager position, remember to have relevant experience and skills such as communications, project management and content management in your resume.

Also, make sure not to use too many keywords in your resume. This can make it difficult for the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and the recruiter to understand.

Add relevant keywords to your resume

To increase your chances of being selected by a recruiter, include keywords relevant to the job description in your resume. If you’re applying for a “Marketing Manager” role, be sure to include this keyword in your resume. Additionally, put work experience and skills in your resume that match keywords from the job description.

Also, make sure not to use too many keywords in your resume. This can be difficult for ATS and recruiters to understand.

Choose an ATS-Friendly Resume Format

After including relevant keywords, make sure your resume is in a format that the ATS system can easily read and understand. If you don’t create your resume in an ATS-friendly format, your job application may be rejected.

The most popular ATS-compliant resume format is reverse chronological order. In this format, your work experience will be listed in reverse order. Recent expertise will be shown first, followed by past experience. When highlighting your work experience, remember to include essential details like company name and location, job title, start and end dates, achievements and responsibilities.

Make your resume easy to scan

Make sure your resume is easy to read for recruiters and ATS systems. It is essential to create your resume correctly for easy reading and understanding. Here are some tips you can use for this purpose:

1. Please use simple, easy-to-understand language that recruiters and ATS systems can easily understand.

2. Use fonts like Garamond, Calibri, and Times New Roman to create a professional-looking resume.

3. To avoid crowded sentences, maintain 1-inch margins on all sides of your resume.

4. You can use formatting options like bold, italic, and underlining to emphasize essential data and keywords.

5. Use Word and PDF files for easy scanning to ensure compatibility with ATS software.

What to Avoid When Formatting Your Resume

When creating an ATS-friendly resume, be sure to avoid these mistakes:

1. Use a direct and concise approach when presenting your data. Instead of using tables and columns, explore alternative methods.

2. Avoid using headers and footers, as they can make it harder for an ATS to read your information.

3. Avoid using images, symbols, and graphics, as they may confuse the ATS.

4. Use simple and clear headings when listing your work experience, education, accomplishments, and other relevant information. Avoid using fancy or creative titles.

Try an ATS-Friendly Resume Template

ATS-friendly resume templates make it easy to create resumes that can be quickly read and understood in ATS systems. Here are some common templates you can use for this purpose:

key takeaways

1. Create a resume using ATS-friendly templates to ensure it can be easily read and understood by the ATS system.

2. Including job-related skills and keywords in your resume can increase your chances of standing out among other applicants.

3. To ensure that your resume can be easily read by ATS software, save it in Word and PDF formats.

4. Separate and label sections for easy searching by ATS.

5. You can use the free ATS Resume Scanning Tool to get a match score for your resume.

questions to ask

What is an ATS Compliant Resume?

An ATS-compliant resume is a type of resume that can be easily read and understood by applicant tracking software. The format of the resume should be clear and include relevant keywords and information.

How do I create an ATS-compliant resume?

To create an ATS-compliant resume, try using different templates that are ATS-friendly. Use these templates to format your resume correctly and include relevant keywords.

What is a good ATS resume score?

An ATS resume score of 80% means that 80% of the content of your resume should match the job requirements.

Can I run my resume through ATS for free?

You can use free online ATS software to run your resume through the ATS for free. After scanning your resume, the software will give you a match score showing how well it matches the job requirements.

Which resume format is ATS-friendly?

The ATS uses a reverse chronological format to read resumes. In this format the focus is on work experience. Put all your work experiences at the top of the page.

Can ATS systems read PDFs?

Most ATS systems can read PDF CVs easily.

Why is ATS rejecting my CV?

Your CV was rejected by the ATS due to possible formatting issues. To make your resume easily readable by any ATS, remember to include relevant keywords and format it properly.

Does ATS read 2 page resume?

An ATS can easily read a 2-page or longer resume.