How Ukraine’s ‘Special Branch’ shot down a Russian drone

Ukrainian drone prepares to attack Russian military vehicle.

A video has gone viral on social media platform X showing a Ukrainian drone destroying a Russian drone using a stick. The video, posted by a user named Special Kherson Cat, shows the unmanned aerial vehicle hovering a few metres above the ground and another drone – said to be a Russian drone – flying overhead. A stick is seen hanging from Ukraine’s Mavic drone, which is at a higher altitude. As the Russian drone comes closer, the Ukrainian military contingent swings the stick causing the Russian drone to fall to the ground.

The video has been viewed over 32,000 times and several users have commented on it.

“Sustainable war, what more could one ask for,” one user commented. “This isn’t exactly what it’s called fighting with sticks and stones, but here we are,” another added.

Others mocked the Ukrainian military for using such primitive weapons to fight a modern war.

Drones have become a vital piece of technology for both sides in the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. ABC NewsUkraine launched its Unmanned Systems Forces in April this year, a new branch of its military focused on drone warfare.

Colonel Vadim Sukharevsky was declared the commander of the new branch.

DJI Mavic drones were initially used for reconnaissance and dropping grenades. But gradually, they started using first-person view drones to attack enemy personnel and vehicles.

Shortly after the announcement of the new defense department, Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said it would “announce a new defense department.”

Over the past two years Ukraine has developed a variety of aerial, land and water drones to help fight against the Russians when it doesnโ€™t have enough heavy weapons, artillery and jets.