ICC Men’s T20 World Cup arrives in Australia

Cricket as a game

To the uninitiated, a cricket is a pest. But for a sports lover, cricket is a game of thrill. It is a bat and ball game, played between two teams of 11 players each. It is famous in the Commonwealth countries and is played on cricket grounds which is watched with great interest by the spectators.

Men’s ICC T20 World Cup arrives in Australia

Looking at the current state of cricket, any sports fan would know that the men’s ICC T20 World Cup is underway. Since cricket is home to many countries, one of them is Australia. Therefore, the atmosphere in Australia is excited with the arrival of the Men’s ICC T20 World Cup. In Australia, 7 stadiums are hosting matches and several streaming channels and platforms have been given the rights to broadcast the competitions.

Whenever the ICC World Cup returns, it shatters previous viewership records as the competition in the matches increases. There are 16 teams playing this year, including:

Namibia, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, England, Netherlands, India, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, West Indies, Ireland, Scotland, Afghanistan, Australia, New Zealand, Bangladesh and South Africa.

T20 World Cup comes every year, but what can be worth watching this time? Glad you asked. On the opening day of the ongoing men’s ICC T20 World Cup in Australia, Namibia achieved a shocking victory over Sri Lanka, which people call the ‘2014 champions’. This exciting match started on 16 October and will continue till 13 November.

On the second day of the match, two-time winner West Indies had to face a crushing defeat by Scotland by 42 runs on the field. However, with the completion of the qualifying stage, in which eight teams fought for four places, the next stage began with a bang in Sydney when the host team was New Zealand’s opponent for a rematch of last year’s final.

In more exciting news, India will be looking to show a far better side than last year’s tournament, where they unfortunately bowed out.

This edition of the global classic tournament features 16 teams playing 45 matches in 7 Australian cities spread across different time zones. With Australia’s enthusiasm for sports and cricket, the difference in viewership between cable channels and online streaming is only 10%. But digital streaming with acceptable timezones among the public can overtake traditional viewing on TV.

With an estimated viewership of 400 million, the on-field battle for the $1.6 million trophy will be the most anticipated tournament in cricket history this year.

Where can we watch the Men’s ICC T20 World Cup 2022?

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DStv is not available in my area.

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wrapping up:

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