Interested to know what is the cost of fat grafting in Pakistan

Fat grafting is the most recent technique used by skin surgeons in Pakistan to transfer a specific amount of fat from one part of the body to another. Plastic Surgeon in Lahore Pakistan Performs the process with greater expertise. Other names for the procedure are nano fat grafting, fat injection, and microlipoinjection. New emerging technology is widely used to reshape and enhance female features by transferring fat to the breast. The beautiful figure of women attracts more, but if somehow this attraction is lost then women can get their attraction back through amazing surgery.

Step by Step Process of Breast Fat Transfer

The procedure is sensitive and delicate and should only be conducted by an experienced surgeon. Your doctor first schedules a consultation session in which you are provided with a thorough consultation including the technique, procedure, associated risks, benefits and expectations. Local anesthesia is then administered to the donor and target site for a disturbance-free operation. The fat is then removed from the target area with the help of a small needle and kept at room temperature to separate the extracellular fluid from the fat. This takes about 20 minutes. After removing other contaminants, the fat is injected into the recipient site with careful handling. The entire process is repeated to achieve the desired result.

Know Breast Fat Transfer Cost in Pakistan

Breast fat transfer is a trend nowadays and gives satisfactory results in Pakistan. Due to the delicacy of the procedure, people inquire about fat grafting prices in Pakistan Frequently. Well, the prices do not depend on any single factor rather it depends on several factors which include the number of sessions conducted, quality of equipment used, expertise of the doctor, location of the clinic and the quantity. To be transferred later. High costs are usually recovered by surgeons due to the use of expensive equipment. On an average, the cost ranges from Rs 20000. For transfer of 2-4ml fat.

What to do after grafting treatment?

The breasts appear swollen and sometimes red immediately after surgery but this is temporary. There may be bruising but there is nothing to worry about, all these symptoms go away after 2 weeks. Using a sports bra during this time is safe and helpful. Doctor’s advice should be kept in mind for long lasting and expected results in future. Your dermatologist guides you until complete healing.

take away Breast fat transfer is becoming more prevalent day by day. Now you do not need to go abroad for such an expensive procedure. You are allowed to get world class facilities provided by highly qualified, experienced and foreign surgeons in Pakistan. So, if you are worried and want to have sexy breasts then seek immediate treatment to get your attractiveness back. breast fat transfer cost in pakistan Very appropriate. The latest technology based operation is done in such a way that you do not feel any pain at all. Step forward for magical transformation.