Israeli official claims, America is trying to overthrow Benjamin Netanyahu government

A senior Israeli official on Tuesday (local time) alleged that the US is attempting to “overthrow” the government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu amid the war between Israel and Palestinian militant group Hamas.

The reaction comes after a US intelligence report said Netanyahu’s government “could be in danger” over its management of the war in Gaza, which has been fighting since October 7 last year, following Hamas’s surprise attack on southern Israel. Is.

The Times of Israel quoted the unnamed official as saying, “The people who choose Israel’s prime minister are citizens of Israel and no one else.”

The official said that Israel was “not a protectorate of the US” and was a democratic country.

“We expect our friends to take action to overthrow the terrorist regime of Hamas, not the elected government in Israel,” the official said.

In its report on Israel, the US said, “Distrust among the public in Netanyahu’s ability to govern has deepened and broadened from its high level before the war. We continue to see massive protests calling for his resignation and new elections.” Expect a showdown. A different, more liberal government is a possibility.”

In the report, the US said that despite Netanyahu’s insistence that Israel will eliminate the Palestinian group, Israel may face challenges from Hamas in the next few years.

“Netanyahu’s viability as a leader, as well as his ruling coalition of far-right and ultra-Orthodox parties pursuing radical policies on Palestinian and security issues, may be in doubt,” the US report said.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu remained adamant on Israeli attacks in Gaza and said that “the remaining Hamas battalions” in Rafah must be destroyed to win the war. He reiterated that if Israel did not take immediate action, Hamas would regroup and retaliate.

The Times of Israel quoted Netanyahu as saying, “This is an intolerable threat to our future and we will not accept it. We will destroy Hamas, free our hostages and ensure that Gaza is Israel’s territory again.” Do not pose a threat to the ,

“Israel will finish the job in Rafah while simultaneously enabling the civilian population to move out of harm’s way,” he said.

Earlier, US President Joe Biden said his administration had a “red line” when it came to the planned Israeli attack in Rafah. But he quickly walked back his comments and said, “It’s a red line but I will never leave Israel.”

According to the Hamas-run Palestinian Health Ministry, 31,184 people have been killed and about 72,899 others wounded in Gaza since the war began five months ago.

published by:

Pratik Chakraborty

Published on:

March 13, 2024

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