Italian PM Giordano Meloni pays tribute to Indian worker who died of medical negligence – Video

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni paid tribute to an Indian farm worker named Satnam Singh who died under tragic circumstances after being abandoned by his employer following a serious injury at work. The incident shocked Italy, sparking nationwide protests demanding justice and better labour laws.

Satnam Singh, 31, who was working without any legal papers, died last week after his arm was severed by a machine. Reportedly, his employer dumped him on the roadside with his severed limb instead of seeking medical help. The local police acted promptly on the distress call of Singh’s wife and friends, and dispatched an air ambulance, but Singh could not be saved.

In parliament, Meloni offered his condolences to Singh and his family, calling the act “inhumane” and promising to punish those responsible severely. “These are inhumane acts that have nothing to do with the Italian people. I hope that this barbarism will be punished severely,” he said.

The incident sparked widespread protests across Italy, with demonstrators demanding swift justice and better protection for workers. Gurmukh Singh, the head of the Indian community in Lazia, condemned the exploitation of the workers. “He was thrown out like a dog. Exploitation happened every day, we suffer it every day, it must end now,” he said, NDTV reported.

The incident has also sparked debate about systemic abuses in Italy’s agricultural sector, where undocumented workers often face harsh conditions and exploitation. Parambaar Singh, a labourer who suffered a serious eye injury in an accident at work, shared his plight with NDTV, “Satnam died one day, I die every day. Because I am also a labourer suffering,” he said. Despite his injuries, his employer refused to take him to hospital because he did not have a contract. “I have been waiting for justice for 10 months,” he said.