Kate-gate: Edited photo of Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, promotes conspiracy theories

The British royal family rarely issues a public apology, but that’s exactly what happened after a seemingly innocuous photo of Princess of Wales Kate Middleton and her three children were posted on Mother’s Day.

This seemingly simple act of sharing family photos has turned into a media frenzy called “Kate-gate.” Surrounded by questions about the authenticity of the photoKate’s health, and the Palace’s handling of the situation.

a photo gone wrong

On Mother’s Day in UK, Kensington Palace released a photo of Kate With Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. It was the Duchess of Cambridge’s first official appearance since undergoing abdominal surgery two months earlier.

However, social media users and news outlets soon noticed inconsistencies in the photo, leading to the photo being removed on suspicion of digital manipulation.

Exactly one day later, Kate issues a rare apologyAdmitting that he had edited the photo.

“Like many amateur photographers, I occasionally experiment with editing,” she said in a social media post. “I want to apologize for any confusion caused by the family photo we shared yesterday.”

Although we now know that the photo was edited, some key details are still unclear, such as when it was taken, what changes were made to it, or whether it was a composite of multiple photos.

New photo, just airbrushed?

The photo’s discrepancies gave rise to various theories and led to ‘#katespiracy’ trending on Twitter.

Anomalies such as a missing part of Charlotte’s wrist and an oddly angled skirt led to speculation that the editing was intended to improve the appearance.

(Image credit: Daily Mail)

Another unusual detail that raised questions about the authenticity of the image is the crossed fingers on Prince Louis’s right hand – and a broken pattern on the right sleeve of his sweater.

Some photography experts suggested that basic edits were made to take into account the challenges of photographing three young children.

Old photo, repurposed?

Another theory gaining popularity online suggests that the photo was not new at all. A TikTok user, Elin Aston, compared details of the clothing to footage from a charity event in November last year, revealing that the photo had been repurposed and heavily edited to hide its origin. .

He said, “There is ample evidence of bad photoshop throughout this photo and it is my personal opinion that it is because it is old and they try to change the outfit so that it does not look like a match.”

Aston scoured royal fashion blogs for images of the charity event and pointed out that, apart from the difference in color, the Duchess of Cambridge’s sweater and shoes at the event were identical to those she wore in the family photo.

Internet sleuths also matched Princess Charlotte’s shirt in the Mother’s Day photo to a shirt she wore to the event last year.

Of course, it’s possible that members of the royal family may have worn those dresses again.

Kate’s face planted?

Another theory proposes that Kate’s face was completely fabricated, lifted from a 2016 Vogue magazine cover.

In an analysis posted to her And had edited it.”

Who edited the photo?

Another layer of mystery is the question of who actually edited the photo. Social media comments questioned whether Kate, who is recovering from surgery, would have the time or technical expertise to make such edits.

This is leading to speculation that a staff member may be involved. The Palace has remained silent on this aspect.

Health concerns and palace silence

The photo controversy has reignited concerns about Kate’s health, especially as her absence from public duties continues. The photo editing and lack of transparency from the Palace regarding Kate’s health have further intensified public scrutiny.

Kate’s apology, intended to quell speculation, has raised more questions than answers. The Palace’s silence on these matters has further fueled the fire of online speculation, turning a simple family photo into a complete public relations nightmare.

published by:

Devika Bhattacharya

Published on:

March 12, 2024