Kate Middleton apologizes over ‘edited’ photo as metadata reveals use of Photoshop

Kate Middleton’s Mother’s Day photo, which caused an uproar on social media over possible “manipulation” of the image, may have been edited twice, apparently by none other than Wales herself. The princess did it. He issued an apology on X (formerly Twitter) after details of the photo’s metadata were revealed in media reports.

Metadata analysis of the photo reportedly revealed that the image was edited at least twice before its publication, the New York Post reports.

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As mentioned, the Princess of Wales issued an apology for the Photoshop changes, expressing regret on the official Prince and Princess of Wales page. In her statement, she shared, “Like many amateur photographers, I occasionally experiment with editing. I wanted to apologize for any confusion the family photo we shared yesterday caused.”

What did the metadata reveal?

According to the New York Post, examining the photo’s metadata reveals two different timestamps. The first timestamp indicates an edit at 9:54 pm on Friday, March 8, while the second indicates further changes at 9:39 am the next morning.

However, the timestamps do not make it clear whether the photo was actually taken last week, as the royal family claimed upon its release.

Analysis of the metadata also sheds light on the equipment used to capture the photo, revealing that it was taken with an “EF 50mm” lens attached to a Canon SLR-style camera. Furthermore, editing was done using Adobe Photoshop software on Apple computers.

Following suspicions of manipulation, several major news agencies retracted the photo released by Kensington Palace. Allegations emerged that the image had been tampered with. The Associated Press, upon closer inspection, found that “the source had manipulated the image,” while Agence France-Presse cited an “editorial issue” as grounds for the retraction.

Amid growing speculation, various theories emerged, some of which expressed concern about Kate’s well-being. A source close to the situation shared with the New York Post, “Something is very wrong. The idea that Kate couldn’t sit for a photo session tells me this is a more serious situation than anyone knows.”

As the controversy surrounding the photo deepens, questions continue to arise over its authenticity and the circumstances surrounding its editing and release.