Kate Middleton spotted with Prince William after Mother’s Day photo editing confession

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Last updated: March 12, 2024, 10:06 IST

London, United Kingdom (UK)

The Prince and Princess of Wales meet members of the public on the Long Walk near Windsor Castle, Berkshire. This is a representative image. (Image: Reuters file)

Princess of Wales Kate Middleton faces questions after admitting to editing a Mother’s Day photo of herself and her children.

Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, was seen on Monday apologizing “for any confusion” caused, hours after she said she had edited a Mother’s Day photo of herself and her children that was shared on social media platforms. Was shared on.

After the photo was released, some global news media agencies withdrew it due to editing concerns. Kate Middleton’s statement came on Monday evening. After posting her statement she was seen leaving Windsor in a car with Prince William. She traveled for the Commonwealth Day service but did not attend the event.

The photo was of the princess and her three children – George, Charlotte and Louis – and was attributed to Prince William, with the caption: “Thank you for your well wishes and continued support over the past two months”.

“Like many amateur photographers, I occasionally experiment with editing. I wanted to apologize for any confusion caused by the family photo we shared yesterday. I hope everyone celebrating Mother’s Day is very happy. C,” Kate Middleton said.

The image took social media by storm and caused concern among well-wishers of the royal family as it was the first image to be released since her surgery in January.

King Charles III’s cancer diagnosis along with his stomach surgery has also increased the concerns of fans of Britain’s royal family.

Britain’s royal family faces pressure to answer questions over whether the Princess of Wales was digitally altered in the first photo to be released after stomach surgery.

The four major news agencies of the world the countrysideThe associated Press, AFP And reutersIssued a “kill notice” on the image and asked its customers to remove it from all platforms.

According to the news agency, Kate Middleton spent 13 nights at the London Clinic near Regent’s Park in central London after the surgery. BBC Said in a report.

Prince William visited his wife during his stay and King Charles III also visited before undergoing treatment there. Buckingham Palace shared minimal details about his health despite significant speculation on social media, but highlighted that it was not cancer-related. BBC He said the team supporting him during his recovery is small and limited to those closest to him.

The Palace said during her treatment that Catherine wanted her personal medical information to remain private, adding that she wanted to “maintain as much normalcy as possible for her children”.