Kelly Roseberry Obituary and Cause of Death How did TMF Vice President Kelly Roseberry die?

The tragic passing of Travis Mills Foundation (TMF) stalwart Kelly Roseberry has left a deep void in the hearts of many. Roseberry was not only a key figure in TMF, but also an inspiration to countless veterans and their families. As we consider his life and contributions, it becomes necessary to ask:

Who was Kelly Roseberry?

Born in Fort Lewis, Washington, Kelly Roseberry was a beacon of hope for many war veterans and wounded Army personnel. As vice president of programming at TMF, he played a key role. Roseberry received a doctorate in physical therapy from Shenandoah University along with an education in nutrition, food and exercise from Virginia Tech – two highly sought-after qualifications that prepare her to make a meaningful impactful contribution. Born in Germany to a military family, she lived in both countries throughout her life.

What was his role in the Travis Mills Foundation?

Roseberry’s involvement with TMF began in 2017, along with her husband. Here, he played a key role in The Family Program, which adapted activities for 9/11 veterans based on their needs and desires. His role was not just administrative; It was very personal. As a physical therapist and center coordinator of clinical education, she was directly involved in helping recuperated veterans regain real-life functions. Recognizing his invaluable contribution, TMF expressed deep gratitude in its tribute to him.

How did he contribute to the welfare of veterans?

In addition to his important role in TMF, Rosebery achieved many accomplishments. He volunteered at the Veterans Administration Hospital as a personal trainer and disability specialist. His commitment to this cause was evident in his role as an adaptive ski instructor and ski camp director for amputee kids. Additionally, she was an adjunct faculty member at several universities, providing knowledge in physical therapy and occupational therapy programs.

What happened to Kelly Roseberry?

The community was shaken to its core on October 28 when reports confirmed the tragic death of Kelly Roseberry and her son Noah in a car accident. The news sparked an outpouring of condolences, with community members describing her as a “loving wife, grateful mother, daughter, fiercely experienced lawyer, patriot and loyal friend.”

How has the community reacted to his passing?

Rosebery’s impact on many people’s lives is evident in the heartfelt tributes that have flooded social media platforms. Many members of the community expressed their grief on Facebook and shared memories of the 38-year-old man. His dedication to the organization and unwavering support towards wounded and disabled soldiers was widely praised.

In memory of Kelly Roseberry, her family wishes to donate to TMF.

Kelly Roseberry leaves an immeasurable legacy as a testament to her dedication and unwavering support of veterans’ causes. Although his untimely demise is a huge loss, his contribution will live on and continue to inspire many in the years to come.

questions to ask

  1. Who was Kelly Roseberry?
    • Kelly Roseberry was vice president of programming at the Travis Mills Foundation, which assists wounded war veterans.
  2. How did Kelly Roseberry die?
    • Kelly and her son Noah tragically died in a car accident on October 28.
  3. What was his role in the Travis Mills Foundation?
    • He played a key role in adapting activities for 9/11 veterans, particularly The Family Program.
  4. How has the community reacted to his death?
    • The community expressed deep condolences and many paid heartfelt tributes on social media platforms.
  5. What does the family wish in his memory?
    • The family wishes donations be made to the Travis Mills Foundation in his memory.