Kenyan police use tear gas during protest against Barack Obama’s half-sister: report

Kenyan activist Auma Obama, the half-sister of former US President Barack Obama, was among protesters who were tear gassed during a demonstration outside parliament in Nairobi on Tuesday, a CNN interview reported.

Police opened fire on protesters trying to storm Kenya’s legislature on Tuesday, killing at least five demonstrators, wounding dozens and setting parts of the parliament building on fire while lawmakers were inside passing a bill to raise taxes.

During this commotion, a CNN reporter took Oma Obama aside and asked her why she had come there.

“This is what I came here for — to see what’s happening. Young Kenyans are protesting for their rights. They’re demonstrating with flags and banners. I can’t see anything anymore,” she said, coughing and shielding her eyes from the spreading smoke.

“We are being tear gassed.”

Behind him, a man stood holding a sign that read, “Colonialism never ended in Kenya,” while another shouted, “This is our country. This is our nation.”

Earlier, Auma Obama had posted her photos on Twitter during the protest.

Former President Obama’s office did not immediately return calls seeking comment on the incident involving his sister or the violence in Kenya.

published by:

akhilesh nagar

Published on:

June 25, 2024