Kif Doctors Review: Medical Marijuana Card Provider

The therapeutic potential of cannabis is gaining recognition, with many US states legalizing its medicinal use. In areas where recreational use is still restricted, a medical marijuana card is required for those seeking cannabis for medical reasons. This review highlights the services of Kiff Doctors, a telemedicine provider that facilitates access to medical marijuana cards.

About Kiff Doctors

Kiff Doctors has carved a niche in the telemedicine space, providing services in 20 states including New York. Their online platform is designed to streamline the process of obtaining a medical marijuana card. They negate the need for physical therapist visits, instead providing online access to knowledgeable medical marijuana doctors.

service efficiency

Kif promises a hassle-free experience, boasting a process where one of our reviewers renewed his MMJ card in less than 30 minutes. Their system for document submission operates 24/7, with physicians available for live video consultations seven days a week. This flexibility is a significant boon for patients with busy schedules or urgent needs.

medical expertise

Keefe’s medical team consists of board-licensed doctors who are well-versed in medical conditions, dosages and cannabis strains, and are registered with state medical marijuana programs. This ensures that they are up to date with the latest regulations and best practices in the field.

Easy authentication process

The authentication process in Kif is straightforward. It starts with an online consultation where patients submit their medical records and discuss their needs with a Kiff doctor. This step has been taken keeping privacy in mind while following HIPAA rules. The consultation typically lasts 20-30 minutes, with costs varying by state. Notably, fees are charged only upon application approval, with a refund guaranteed if the application is unsuccessful.

Once approved, certificates are sent via email. This efficiency facilitates quick access to medical dispensaries.


Kiff Doctors stands out in the telemedicine landscape for its ease of access, professional medical advice and efficient certification process. Their service is especially noteworthy for those seeking a medical marijuana card without the usual complexity associated with traditional clinics in New York. With the ability to obtain a medical marijuana card in New York through its streamlined online services, Kiff Doctors provides a valuable resource for patients wishing to navigate the medical cannabis landscape in a legal and convenient manner. While this review provides a snapshot of their services, potential patients should consider individual needs and conduct due diligence before choosing a medical marijuana card provider.