KKR mentor Gautam Gambhir says it was really fun opening with Baz

Considering that he has opened the innings for KKR with many legendary batsmen like Brendon McCullum and Robin Uthappa, who would be considered his favorite partner? “It’s hard but I think this is a good place to start.” Baa It was really fun. However, it is a pity that due to team combination I could not fit him in the playing eleven in the 2012 finals. Gambhir said, “Sometimes you have to take such tough decisions for the team.”

There were some inevitable questions from fans about any superstitions he harbored during his playing career, and Gambhir took a look at this often untouched aspect of his personality. “Look, I was never a big believer in numbers. However, in 2014, we had a disappointing start to the season as we lost several matches in a row and were not getting runs. Then Robin asked me to change my shirt number from five to 23 and I accepted the idea without thinking. And yes, after that I started scoring runs,” he recalled with a smile.

Call it over the top if you want, but the loyalty of countless KKR fans towards their most successful captain will certainly be heart-warming. A male fan, aged in his forties, sang a few lines of a famous regional folk song: ‘Tomay Hrid Mazhare Rakhibo, Chhere Debo Na‘(We will keep you in our hearts and will never let you go’) before she burst into tears.

The reference to separation came when Gambhir was not retained ahead of the 2018 auction – but then as anyone knows – that’s par for the course in franchise cricket.

His famous chemistry with Sunil Narine, who contributed with both bat and ball, was also in the news this season. “My relationship with Narayan goes back to 2012 when he joined the franchise. Like me, he was also a very shy boy and I have seen his struggle. “For me, he is one of the all-time great bowlers in IPL history and this time he is contributing with the bat as well,” Gambhir said.