Men’s street style – essential recommendations for a fashionable image

The most promising and relevant style of modern people is street style. It allows you to reveal your taste, stand out from the crowd, show individuality and feel freedom. This trend is present in every fashion show in Paris or Milan, but it needs to be used skillfully. Otherwise, it is impossible to achieve brilliant spontaneity. Let’s consider how to use branded hoodies, T-shirts, jackets and sportswear for men to create a fashionable street image.

Street style features

The first step in developing a true street style is to realize it based on these distinctive characteristics:

  • Combine different textures, colors and stylistic directions.
  • Try to combine restrained extravagance, comfort and sophistication.
  • Avoid sticking to the mold – look at traditional things through the lens of creativity. This will help in emphasizing individuality.
  • Mix clothes from well-known brands with clothes that don’t have their own name. You can choose a few great things in basic luxury and complement the rest of the look with things you already have in your wardrobe.
  • Use layering – it will help to get a bright, unique image.

Ideas to create a street style look

  • This style welcomes shine; Don’t be afraid to use it! A colorful jacket, catchy shoes, unusual accessories and jeans of contrasting color will be a great solution.
  • A colorful long sleeve with an exciting print, light wide jeans or pants, a short jacket and a large scarf create a combination that will not go unnoticed.
  • Combine sportswear with the classics – a simple style of monochrome or striped suit with a white or bright branded men’s hoodie and sneakers will look great on a walk.
  • A T-shirt or solid-colored sweater, a double-breasted long trench, wool pants, and colorful lace-up shoes is an excellent outfit for fall days.
  • For a trip to the movie theater or a meeting with friends, wear joggers, a graphic print t-shirt or shirt, a vest, and sneakers.
  • Combine different textures such as knit pants with tight shirts, leather pants with cashmere blazers and leather jackets with wide jeans.
  • Exceptional Mixture – Be careful not to exceed the limits of beauty. Wear wide-cut slacks, rugged shoes, a long, loose coat, a large knit scarf, and a hat. Interesting, isn’t it? And if you choose clothes with elements of rock or punk attributes, you can make the street image clearly modern and complete.

Creating a truly unique street look for the first time is challenging, but if you move away from standard motifs and give freedom to fashion experiments, you can achieve tremendous results.