My First Day of the New Year: Expectations vs. Reality

Taking your first steps into college can fill you with a lot of emotions. But among them, there will also be your expectations.

There is nothing wrong with these, but it is best to set realistic views. The question is, how do you know which ones they are?

Here’s a look at some expectations and realities to know on your first day of the New Year!

carte blanche

Most new students enter college with anticipation of newfound freedom. This is a time when you have to adopt a more flexible routine and have the scope to explore and control your decisions.

But while this is true, it won’t always be all fun and games. Being in charge of your life means you have more responsibilities.

Along with more freedom, you’ll also have to manage your own schedule. Still, you can always ask for advice, but you must remember that every step is yours to take.

make instant friends

In your first year of college, you’ll want to make new friends right from the start. Therefore, you will likely be in classes with people who have similar interests or experiences.

This is true for some. But for others, it takes more than small talk to develop strong relationships with the people around them.

Remember, everyone is just as nervous as you. You want to take the initiative, but don’t beat yourself up for not taking a step forward.

scare professors

A common misconception most new students have is that professors are rude and inaccessible. But in most cases, this comes down to your unfamiliarity with the environment.

As you get accustomed to college life, you slowly understand that professors also come from diverse backgrounds. Furthermore, their teaching styles are different.

Master Your Major Quickly

Some students often feel that they should master their major subjects as quickly as possible. But whether you are a newbie or a senior, it takes time.

So, remember that it’s not all okay. College is all about discovering your interests and figuring out where you want to grow.

One tip you want to keep in mind is to find a strategy that works for you. For example, take a study skills class or work on extra activities after each lesson to improve your learning input.

Hostels are becoming like houses

When you move into your dorm room, you can expect it to be as comfortable and spacious as your room at home. But in most cases, dorms are smaller than you think. If options are limited, you may also need to share space with other students.

Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own. It just requires enough time and bringing with you the lessons you’ve learned.

first day is equal to hard work

Right from the first day of the New Year, it’s natural to think that you’ll be caught up in excessive tasks. But usually, it’s quite the opposite!

The first day or week is usually all about getting settled. Therefore, it gives you time to learn about your courses and get to know your surroundings and classmates.

Set the right expectations for your first day of the New Year

It’s natural to have expectations, but the reality of your first day of the New Year may be different, and that’s okay! Whether it’s a debate between newcomers versus newcomers or taking the time to learn the culture, you want to set your expectations.

This way, you can allow yourself to be in the moment and take your time to figure out your way around college!

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