Changing UK TV listings

Welcome to the all-inclusive UK TV guide:

On TV Tonight, an iconic TV listings website popular in the United States, Canada and Australia, is proud to announce the UK launch of the reimagined ‘’. is introduced as a comprehensive UK TV guide, helping TV lovers in the UK navigate legal viewing options for TV and movies. The site provides a single destination for discovery across free TV, subscription-based services and on-demand platforms.

Enhancing the user experience, enables registered users to personalize their viewing options, including channels and streaming services, with efficient tools to filter free shows or find timeless classics.

Additionally, offers an alert email service for registered users, keeping them updated about the telecast times of their favorite series or movies.

Glenn Murphy, manager of, is optimistic about the UK response to the site, given its growing popularity in other regions.

“We can’t wait to meet the TV needs of viewers across the UK with”

“We started On TV Tonight ten years ago with the simple mission to provide an easy dip-in-dip-out guide to what’s on TV. Little did we know that it would so quickly become a favorite in the folders of so many TV fans around the world.”

“Now with the growing popularity of on-demand streaming services, especially in the UK, we feel we have created something really special to meet the viewing needs of TV fans in the UK.” currently offers a wide range of listings for the most popular free and subscription TV channels and streaming services in the UK, and plans to expand its offerings.

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