On the electoral bonds issue, Congress asked, what is the Prime Minister so scared of?

Ramesh’s attack on the government came a day after State Bank of India (SBI) submitted to the Election Commission details of entities that had purchased now canceled electoral bonds and the political parties that had received them, as it was in compliance with Supreme Court orders. Was complying with. To submit information.

The Supreme Court on Monday ordered SBI to disclose details of electoral bonds to the Election Commission by the end of working hours on March 12.

According to the order, the Election Commission will have to publish the information shared by the bank on its official website by 5 pm on March 15. SBI had sought time till June 30 to disclose the details. However, its plea was rejected by the apex court.

In his post, Ramesh also asked why the BJP “accepted donations of Rs 4.9 crore from four shell companies named by SEBI”.

Whose black money went to BJP through these companies? He said.

Attacking the BJP over the government notifying the rules four years after the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 was passed by Parliament, Ramesh said that as per the Rules of Parliamentary Affairs and all established norms of the government, the rules of any Act Are to be prepared within six months of its passing.

“Why did it take four years and three months for the Modi government to make rules for the Citizenship Amendment Act? Why did the rules come out easily on the eve of Lok Sabha elections?”. Ramesh said.