Opinion: Is Biden the mastermind or is Biden the mistake maker?

News flash: Republicans haven’t said it in so many words, but they have a new line of attack against President Biden: He’s a victim dissociative identity disorderBiden has multiple personalities.

For months, Republicans have been pushing the message that he is a confused 80-year-old man – a “well-intentioned, senile man with a poor memory.” Unnecessary, frequently repeated words The Republican special counsel who exonerated Biden of possessing some classified documents.

Then the Republicans flipped the script: Biden is a criminal kingpin!

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Jackie Calmes

Jackie Calmes casts a critical eye on the national political landscape. She has decades of experience covering the White House and Congress.

They are telling us that this political superman has successfully “armed” Justice system. Biden called a meeting “kangaroo court” , No, worseA Stalinists show tests! — and “the most heinous crime” was committed miscarriage of justice The greatest crime in the history of our country” by getting a jury to convict Donald Trump of 34 felonies before the 2024 election. And just wait until sentencing: On July 11, Deep State puppet master Biden will surely pull Judge Juan M. Merchan’s strings again to make sure he puts Trump in prison.

“I grew up in Miami hearing stories about the Castro show trials in Cuba,” said Marco Rubio, Florida’s politically astute Republican senator. moaned In Trump’s defense. “Never in my wildest dreams did I think something like this would happen in America. But it did.” (It bears repeating: Rubio in 2016 Said, “Many people have to explain and justify how they fell into the trap of supporting Donald Trump.”)

How does Why did Biden do that? How did he convince state grand juries, trial juries and judges to do as he commanded? Well, leave it to Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, a wrestler-turned-congressman who chairs the House Select Subcommittee on Weaponization of the Federal Government (yes, there really is such a thing in the Republican-controlled House), to find the answer. Jordan has offered his opinion on the matter. Summoned Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and Bragg’s lead prosecutor in the Trump trial will testify under oath next Thursday. They are New York officials, not federal government officials. Under Biden’s management.

But wait – the alleged commander in chief of this armed government has changed his appearance again. His new persona: Biden the errant.

Republicans would have us believe that the president fabricated a “false” case to convict Trump, and yet Biden has been unable to stop “his” Justice Department from convicting his own son. Hunter Biden is now in court, facing three criminal charges alleging he lied about his drug use when purchasing a gun in 2018.

And there are more allegations that are just biased Only a person who made a mistake, not a diabolical mastermind, would allow this. Judge this week the department Is trying Democratic Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey is facing corruption charges. (Menendez, who is losing his re-election bid as a Democrat, filed a lawsuit on Monday.) Filed (presumably to contest the election independently) and last month, the D.O.J. indictment Another Democrat, Representative Henry Cuellar of Texas, also faces bribery charges involving foreign interests.

Clearly, Biden has created a Frankenstein monster in the nation’s top law enforcement department, one that is proving dangerous not just for his own party, but also for his own family.

Republicans, Fox News and the rest of MAGA Media Inc. are reveling in the Hunter Biden trial, without, of course, acknowledging that it contradicts their stupidity “Two-tier system of justice” Nonsense. But even among those celebrating a just prosecution, some can’t help themselves. They’re claiming that the current federal trial and a second one The trial that will take place in September in Los Angeles against Hunter Biden for tax evasion is “rigged.”

Fox News’ Steve Doocy said an interview Speaking Monday with right-wing New York Post columnist Miranda Devine, Hunter said that The trial is taking place in Wilmington, Del., President Biden’s hometown and the site of his campaign headquarters. “Every other federal building,” Doocy said, and even a popular I-95 rest stop in Delaware bears the Biden name. Who, he asked, “would want to go against the Biden family?” as if it were a crime family.

Live from Wilmington, Devine spoke in a similar vein. He said that with the president being in town over the weekend, “everyone” knows he is “keeping a very close eye on what Judge Maryellen Noreika is doing in her courtroom.” He added that he is “making a real conspicuous display of being with his son.” He claims it is a presidential signal: “‘Mess with my son, you’ll mess with me.'”

Hunter Biden’s trial “is really the opposite of Donald Trump’s,” Devine concluded. “The odds are in Hunter Biden’s favor in this case.”

In fact?

The Hunter investigation began six years ago in the Trump Justice Department (without any complaints about the “weaponization of justice” from Joe Biden). When the father became president, he kept in place the Trump-appointed U.S. attorney investigating his son, Republican David Weiss. (Can’t you see Trump doing the same in the case of a Democratic appointee as president? were investigating Donald Jr.?) when Hunter’s plea deal on gun and tax charges Collapsed In July (rejected by Trump-appointed Judge Noreika), President Biden’s attorney general approved Weiss’ request to become a special counsel. In this way, Weiss can bring charges against the son Any Federal court defects Him Bidenland, Dale and Blue LA to choose from

Nothing about Hunter Biden’s disgraceful legal situation suggests obstacles were overcome by mastermind Joe Biden. And God bless him, because Biden himself says so To respect the rule of law, even against his only surviving son.