Paige Partridge Obituary and Cause of Death Who was Dr. Paige Partridge Hicks? What happened to Dr. Paige Partridge Hicks?

The medical community of Northwest Arkansas is mourning the sudden death of Dr. Paige Partridge Hicks. She was a beloved surgeon and doctor known for her dedication and commitment to women’s health care and service. We want to honor Dr. Hicks and celebrate his legacy. His life left an indelible mark on both the people he treated and his colleagues in the medical field.

Who was Dr. Paige Partridge Hicks?

Since graduating from Hendrix College in Montgomery Alabama in the late 80’s, Dr. Paige Partridge Hicks has earned considerable fame among the Fayetteville medical community for her surgical expertise and caring approach to patient care. She then moved on to her current practice more than 20 years later.

What happened to Dr. Paige Partridge Hicks?

Dr. Hicks was one of the pillars of Parkhill Clinic. He died suddenly at the age of 53. His colleagues, patients and the wider community he served are in deep grief. His 23 years of experience as a doctor gave him much more than medical expertise. They enabled him to become more than just a physician. Instead, they helped him do more than just become another doctor.

How did Dr. Paige Partridge Hicks die?

After a courageous fight, Dr. Paige Partridge Hicks died peacefully from brain cancer in 2023. Dr. Hicks was a strong woman who battled cancer with dignity and grace. His career and life were marked by his courage and strength.

The legacy of Dr. Paige Partridge Hicks

Dr. Paige Partridge Hicks’ legacy is incalculable when you consider how many lives she touched in and out of the operating room. His unmatched communication skills with patients helped put their minds at ease during their most vulnerable times. He shared not only his knowledge, but also his heart. Every patient felt heard and seen. His love for life, his family and friends far outweighed his passion for medicine. This is a legacy that future generations will cherish.

Sorry to hear about the passing of Dr. Paige Partridge Hicks. However, many people found solace in his legacy as he inspired many physicians and surgeons with mentorship programs. Services were held in Dr. Hicks’ honor to commemorate his impact on the healthcare industry in Northwest Arkansas.

questions to ask

  1. Who is Dr. Paige Partridge Hicks?
    Dr. Paige Partridge Hicks, a surgeon and physician at Parkhill Clinic in Fayetteville, Arkansas, was dedicated to her patients.
  2. What caused Dr. Hicks’ death?
    Dr. Paige Partridge Hicks has died after a brave battle with a brain tumor.
  3. When did Dr. Paige Partridge Hicks die?
    He died on November 1, 2023, at the age of 53.
  4. What happens to Parkhill Clinic the day after his service?
    Parkhill Clinic will be closed on Friday, November 3, 2023 in honor of Dr. Hicks’s funeral.
  5. When and where will the funeral services for Dr. Paige Partridge Hicks be held?
    The service will be held on November 3, 2023 at Fellowship Bible Church in Fayetteville.