– Best Free YouTube Video Downloader 2023

A YouTube video downloader like has become an essential tool for many Internet users today. With the ability to save videos and convert clips to audio files for offline viewing, youtube video downloader Serves various purposes. In this article, we will take a look at the history and features of, one of the most popular online YouTube video downloaders in 2023.

History of

repyutube It was first launched in 2018 as a free online tool that allowed users to download videos from YouTube and convert them to MP3 files. Over the past few years, has expanded its features and now supports downloading videos in MP4, 720P and even 1080P HD quality. The site has gained popularity due to its intuitive interface, fast download speeds, and the ability to extract audio from videos. has set itself apart from other downloaders with frequent updates and dedication to user experience.

Is it safe and free to use

Yes, is completely free to use with no hidden costs. The site does not require users to register accounts or provide personal information. works by simply entering the URL of the desired YouTube video, choosing video or audio format preferences and clicking download. This simplicity and lack of intrusive ads is why many people prefer over bloated downloader programs.

Furthermore, does not actually host or distribute copyrighted material. It simply provides a tool to download videos for personal use, making it a legal service. However, users need to be responsible in how they use downloaded content.

Features of a good YouTube to MP4 converter

Features 1

A good YouTube video downloader should allow batch downloading of multiple videos at once. has this batch download functionality to grab a playlist or channel instantly. This saves a lot of time compared to downloading videos one by one.

Features 2

The ability to extract and convert YouTube videos into MP3 format with only the audio track is another essential feature. offers the option to download only the audio portion at various quality levels up to 320kbps. This is useful for listening on the go or transferring to a music player.

Features 3

Avoiding video quality loss during conversion is another hallmark of an excellent downloader. maintains high video resolution when saving clips in formats like MP4. Users can also choose 720p or 1080p HD quality to match the original.

How to download high-quality videos from YouTube

Downloading HD 1080P videos from Youtube is easy with First of all, find the Youtube URL and copy it. Paste this URL into the downloader box. Next, select the MP4 radio button under “Convert to”.

Then under “Quality” select the 1080p option. Finally, click “Download” and save the video file when completed. The entire HD clip will be downloaded to your device faster without any loss in quality. You can then enjoy crisp, high-definition video without buffering or ads.

Other YouTube Video Downloaders in 2023

1. savefrom

SaveFrom is a free online tool to download videos from sites like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. It has been providing a simple interface to capture and convert clips since 2009. SaveFrom is best suited for casual users who need to save videos occasionally. It lacks some of the advanced features of programs like youtube2mp3 but gets the job done for basic needs. Compared to, SaveFrom has slower download speeds and fewer output format options.


2. y2mate

y2mate lets users download and convert videos to formats like MP3, MP4 and even Android compatible files. The wide range of conversion options makes it ideal for those who want to extract audio or prepare video for certain devices. However, y2mate has intrusive ads and lacks the ability to download playlists or batch download videos. In contrast, offers fast batch downloading and an intuitive ad-free interface.

3. Atube Catcher

ATube Catcher goes beyond basic downloading and offers video conversion, editing, recording, and compilation capabilities for Windows and Mac. The extensive features make it a great choice for power users who want to do more than just save clips. However, the interface is outdated and cluttered compared to attractive online tools. For simple downloading, is faster and easier to use than the more robust aTube Catcher.

4. youtube2mp3

As the name suggests, youtube2mp3 is excellent at pulling ultra high-quality 4K videos from YouTube and other sites. It’s ideal for tech enthusiasts who want truly HD content. However, 4K downloading is excessive for everyday videos. youtube2mp3 also lacks the audio conversion features common in basic tools like Advanced downloading comes at the cost of speed and convenience.


5. DVDVideoSoft Free YouTube Download

This downloader has an adware-free interface to convert clips into multiple formats. Frequent updates and large user base make DVDVideoSoft a solid choice. However, batch downloading and playlist support is inferior to Additional tasks like video editing also add bloat for casual downloading needs. Still, DVDVideoSoft works well for general purpose downloading.

Termination of

In short, has become a preferred choice for many people looking to download online videos from YouTube and other sources. It combines speed, quality and simplicity in a completely free package. The number of users is likely to continue to grow due to the credibility of and its focus on the core functionality that people expect from a YouTube video downloader. With robust download options, but no extraneous bells and whistles, it offers an efficient way to save content offline for convenience and enjoyment.