Seeing Is Believing: 2024 Kitchen Trends You Must See

The kitchen is an important room in the home, you don’t want to make it an unwanted space.

Making small updates can improve your mood and make meetings more enjoyable. Luckily, you don’t have to break everything to get a new look. You can start seeing changes with small projects.

Take a look below to learn about the best kitchen trends of 2024 that can be done in any home!

Incorporating Dark Earth Tones

For 2024 neutrals, grays and creams are out and earth tones are in.

Dark colors like green, blue and orange are perfect for the kitchen. If you want to avoid a shiny kitchen, this is an excellent choice. It darkens things up, while still looking clean and sophisticated.

If you have an open floor plan, earth tones can help bring the rooms together. You can incorporate these colors with walls and shelves or highlight them in the decor. Many claim that warm tones promote peace and balance.

Hydration Bars

Kitchen showrooms often have welcoming elements that entice people to stop by.

If you’re looking to update the design of your kitchen, a bar can be a fun project. You can design a wine rack and bar area to be stress-free. This is a great addition as it enhances organization and serves as a practical decoration.

You can not only fill empty corners with a beverage cart or bar, but also find inspiration. With a holistic approach to your beverages, you can get creative. If you don’t drink alcohol, you can also use your hydration bar for coffee, tea, and other refreshments.

built-in shelving

Are you looking for a place to store your cookbooks, spices and kitchen utensils?

Built-in shelving is becoming a popular feature for kitchens because it is practical. The kitchen is often the busiest room in the house, so you don’t want to leave any space unused. The shelves can hold your tools and spoons, or you can decorate them with unique spice jars.

If you don’t want your items to be exposed, you can add window cabinet doors. These give off a farmhouse look, but are still modern and timeless.

wood over white and brown

Millennials have a history of painting their home white and gray, but that trend is all but gone for 2024.

Exposed wood elements are becoming more popular as they add color and character to a home. Too much white and gray can make the kitchen seem a gloomy place or feel like a hotel. If you want your kitchen to reflect your unique personality, don’t be afraid to add different types of wooden elements.

To achieve the trend you can add wooden beams, new floors, or wooden decorative features. If you want inspiration on using wood in the home, check out the Noblessa showroom in Phoenix.

These 2024 kitchen trends are timeless

Since you spend so much time in the kitchen, it’s important that you feel comfortable inside the room.

You don’t have to explore all the kitchen trends of 2024 to find the perfect one. This guide helps narrow down the best options so you can update your home and live in the 21st century. Design showrooms can be a valuable resource, but you should follow your instincts with design.

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