Shopify Apps – Increases New Product Sales

Shopify Apps to Increase New Product Sales: You have a great product, and you’re eager to generate revenue. Sadly, capturing the first does not necessarily lead to capturing the second. Shopify is a great platform, but having the right tools can help you succeed.

Apps can improve your store’s functionality, make operations more efficient and provide valuable insights. However, there is a wide selection of over 3000 apps available for you to choose from. How can you determine the components needed for a successful launch?

In this article, I will discuss five important apps for selling on Shopify. These apps cover different aspects of selling, and I’ll explain why they are essential for your store. Additionally, I will highlight how these apps can help you increase sales and improve the speed of your sales process.

5 Shopify Apps That Boost New Product Sales

Here we list some of the best Shopify apps to increase new product sales and grow your business.

1. Alert me! Restock Alert

Despite creating offers, investing money in marketing, and getting positive feedback from customers eager to buy, you still need more products. You want to make sure you get all the sales and maintain the momentum you’ve built.

When it comes to new products, there is always a need for greater certainty regarding their success. It makes sense to be cautious when placing your initial order.

Use Alert Me! Restock Alert! So that customers can receive notifications when items are out of stock but they are planning to purchase. The app provides comprehensive analytics to help you understand the level of interest and the specific length of time people engage. Use the email feature to notify your customers when a product is readily available again. You may consider using GiftKart to give them additional discounts as a token of appreciation for their patience. This product integrates seamlessly with any theme or template and offers reliable customer support.

Increasing sales of new products: Determine customer demand and take advantage of sales opportunities to maximize revenue.

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2. Bundler


Selling new products can be challenging. But what if you combine it with best-selling hero products? Customers can try a product they may not have yet considered purchasing for themselves.

By bundling products together, you can increase their perceived value in the eyes of your customers. In turn, this creates an excellent opportunity to successfully launch your new product.

Shopify offers a variety of bundling apps. What makes Bundler a good choice? In addition to its impressive 800+ 5-star reviews and budget-friendly $6.99 premium plan, Bundler is incredibly user-friendly and quick to set up and customize. Feel free to customize your bundles, offer discounts, and recommend popular combinations. Bundler also allows compatibility between bundle upsells and subscriptions. This helps increase your average order value and generate more sales.

Increase sales of new products: By partnering with successful products, you can increase the value of your orders and generate interest for your latest product. Your new product will benefit from the popularity of your existing line.

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3. Buy Now or Pay More

Buy Now or Pay More

Customers need incentives to make a purchase. When launching a product, it’s possible that you may not have any social proof. A lack of testimonials or reviews can make your audience unsure about the quality of your product. They stop, unsure what to do.

Why weren’t their triggers modified? Encourage quick purchases by offering incentives to early shoppers. ‘Buy Now or Pay More’ is a clever app that raises prices after a few sales. By giving rewards to your early buyers, you can show your appreciation for their trust in your product. This can lead to higher conversion rates by simply relying on social proof.

You will be able to sell faster and more efficiently with this tool. It will also help you set the optimal price for your product and gauge customer interest.

Creating a sense of urgency can significantly increase sales of new products. This is because urgency gives rise to a different mindset when making a purchasing decision. Encourage customers to try your product by offering an incentive, especially when there are no reviews available.

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4. GiftCart


Selling a product to a consumer is a task, while retaining a customer presents its own unique challenges. Stores can reduce customer acquisition costs (CAC) by retaining existing customers, which helps build a more sustainable base for your business.

Gift cards or store credit can be a convenient solution to this challenge.

Customers respond more positively to cashback rather than deep discounts. Shoppers looking for a good deal may love discounts, but customers who take advantage of cashback recognize the value of your products and are willing to pay upfront.

Receiving cashback encourages customers to come back for more purchases. Additionally, offering cashback on purchases above a certain amount also increases the average order value (AOV).

These customers are more likely to remain loyal to a brand, even when competitors offer attractive deals. This helps improve customer retention. Building a loyal customer base is all about maintaining a positive brand image and prioritizing value over bargains.

Setting up a cashback campaign with GiftCart is easy. Effortlessly automate your campaign with personalized cashback offers in the form of gift cards – set terms and conditions for cashback based on specific products and cart quantity. Provide instant cashback to customers through Klaviyo or Omnisend with simple redemption methods.

GiftCart can help stores increase conversions and sales while maintaining their current customer base. These cashback campaigns can help you attract new customers, bring back customers who purchased a while ago, and recover abandoned carts. GiftCart is highly regarded with a 5-star rating on the Shopify App Store. This is an essential tool for any store looking to improve customer retention and loyalty.

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5. Trustoo Products and Reviews

Trustoo Products

I’ve explained how you can launch successfully without social proof. It’s hard to beat the power of seeing others love and benefit from a product.

Use the mentioned apps to gain traction and generate sales faster. However, it is essential to reach out to your customers after each sale, and please request them to leave a review. Yellow stars are a valuable addition, and each review contributes to the credibility of your product.

Trustoo offers a user-friendly interface, seamless integration, and customization options. Additionally, you can import product reviews from AliExpress and Amazon, which provides a great starting point on Shopify. The app includes video tutorials that make the setup process intuitive and straightforward. Unlike other review apps, there’s no coding required.

Increasing sales of new products: Potential buyers are more inclined to make a purchase when they see positive experiences shared by others. This gives you mental peace.

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Make your store unique with the best product selling apps

The App Store can seem overwhelming, and downloading too many apps can slow down your store’s page speeds. Selecting appropriate apps that can help you quickly scale up and increase sales of your new products is important. You want to build a solid foundation and make sure you have everything you need. Combine these five apps efficiently and watch your numbers increase significantly.