Sule Hair Transplant Clinic Highlights Turkey’s Success in Hair Transplant

Europe, which is experiencing the highest incidence of hair loss worldwide, is seeing a notable trend of people traveling to Turkey for hair transplant procedures. Visionary Zulay Almez of Istanbul’s Sulay Hair Transplant Clinic, based on his vast experience with international patients, discusses Turkey’s leading role in this medical field.

Due to the increasing problem of severe hair loss in Europe, many people are opting for hair transplantation. Turkey, home to thousands of health tourists from around the world, is home to clinics that have become Europe’s top choice. “We provide hair transplant and dental treatment services to thousands of patients around the world, especially patients coming from European countries,” said Jule Elmaz, a pioneer in the field and the force behind her clinic in Istanbul.

Prevalence of hair loss across Europe

Research points to a growing problem of hair loss in Europe, with eight of the ten most affected countries being European. Czech Republic, followed by Spain, Germany, France and the UK top the list. Turkey has emerged as a popular destination for those seeking sustainable solutions, known for its competitive prices and globally recognized services.

Şule Ölmez speaks on Türkiye’s stature in hair transplantation

“Turkey has become the hub of hair transplantation due to its better success rates and quality services across the world. We also contribute to this success with our high standard of services that prioritize patient satisfaction.

99% patient satisfaction rate

“Our clinic has seen a 99% satisfaction rate in hair transplants, which reflects our commitment to customized treatment and superior care. We view our patients as family members, which enables us to create individualized treatment plans to meet their specific needs and wishes.

Service quality is paramount

Emphasizing his clinic’s focus on quality, Sule Almaz said, “Although we perform fewer operations, we like to provide a high standard of service in each procedure. Our comprehensive care extends from the operation to the recovery stage, assuring our patients of their safety and comfort.

Merging medical procedures with tourism

Şule Ölmez highlights the added benefit of combining medical procedures with tourism for foreign patients. “Patients coming to Turkey are required to stay for up to 4 days to undergo various procedures. Since the hair transplant process has already been completed in this process, they can utilize their remaining time by going to Istanbul. So much so that this opportunity increases the attractiveness of our clinic for those European citizens who visit Istanbul the most. We create the most suitable plan for our patients as per the hair transplant package they choose. For example, in an all-inclusive hair transplant package, we arrange for airport transfers and accommodation. In order for each of our patients to leave Turkey satisfied, we stay with them from the first meeting until the completion of the recovery process. This way, we make the hair transplant process a pleasant journey and ensure that they return to their country happily.”